Beyond the Valley Studio tour – October 15th and 16th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Tomorrow is the Day – Summer Sale!

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Starting at 11 a.m., my summer sale will be in full swing.  I will be offering loose stones by the piece, from  my personal collection – and at WHOLESALE prices which is what I paid.  No need to buy more than you can use.  I always buy strands of stones and as a result have pieces left over.  So an opportunity if you are thinking of or do make your own pieces of jewellery.  It is very rewarding in my opinion.

Also there will be hints of my fall collection which I am in the process of designing.  Darker blues are an upcoming colour and I do have a blue sponge coral necklace that is simple yet elegant.  Can be used for dressy occasions or with denim.  Your style choice.

Pictured on the left is a necklace with onyx, clear quartz in different shapes including rings, and smoky quartz.  Can be doubled up.

And of course our gardens are beautiful.  The flowers are on the right are hibiscus – the size of dinner plates. Quite spectacular. So worth a visit.

Just remember that Cactus festival is on and the main street in Dundas is closed.  Use Hatt St. or Governor’s Road if you are heading this way.  I look forward to seeing you.IMG_0701IMG_0712

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In a few weeks there will  be a one day only sale of my jewellery plus loose stones consisting of gemstone beads, glass, acrylic, and metal beads – all at WHOLESALE PRICES.    Check my ad in the Zine for details.

I will be sending out emails in a couple of days. Hope that you can come by and also see hints of my fall collection.

And our gardens are beautiful!!

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Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is in a few days!!!

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Colour will be present.  Yellow agate with Czech glass.  This necklace can be worn several ways.  Wired together with sterling silver and with a sterling clasp.  The clasp can be worn as a decorative element.DSCF0018

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New Sterling Silver Pendants

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There will be several new pendants in this spring collection as I continue work in this line.  Pictured is an oxidized piece set with an oval mabe pearl and a London Blue topaz.

Aquamarine is also a feature this spring.  I was able to find some lovely blue stones.  So expect to see bracelets, earrings and necklaces.  Pictured are 2 necklaces set with sterling silver.  Simple yet elegant.  The larger stone has cylinders of sterling silver interspersed with brushed sterling silver beads.  The smaller one has clear quartz.DSCF0025

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New Images….

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There are some new images on my gallery page.  I have been designing sterling silver pendants with pearls, and gem quality stones.

The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is on May 28th and 29th….so coming fast.  We have 8 studios this year with the addition of Hugh Widdup who is a woodturner and Sandra Greenwood, a lamp work artist.  Both are in the town of Dundas and, in fact, just a block or so away from each other.

Pictured is lavender chalcedony and blue chalcedony – beautiful stones that are part of sterling silver necklaces – as nuggets and faceted stones.  Ametrine and moonstone are also part of the designDSCF0020

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Carnegie Gallery in Dundas – Shop Spring – April 2 to May 8

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The Carnegie Gallery on 10 King St. W., in Dundas, Ontario is featuring a Small Works exhibit for the Spring.  Starting on April 2nd, a number of artists and artisans (myself included) will have their work on display.  Many of them usually exhibit only during the Christmas Small Works exhibit.  I count myself among those.  This exhibit lasts until May 8th which is, of course Mother’s Day.  So here is an opportunity to buy your favourite mother an unusual and very lovely gift.  Lots of choice and lots of beautiful pieces.

I have recently acquired some absolutely beautiful kunzite in pink and blue and lavender chalcedony.  The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is coming up May 28th, the week end after Victoria Day.  Expect to see these stones in several designs.bracelet Group

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March 15th

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My studio sale was very successful.  Now it is over a week behind me.  Thank you to everyone who was here.

I am helping with the Dundas Valley School of Art auction – the silent auction for jewellery.  It is interesting to see what is being submitted.  I am on duty this month as the decision maker for what can be accepted for the auction.  Here is an opportunity to submit some of your really good work.  It is an excellent marketing tool as many hundreds of people go through the DVSA during the preview days and of course are there for the final auction day.  As well, there is a book providing the bio of every artist who taking part.  For details go to the DVSA website – www.dvsa.ca

Next for me is a Small Works Exhibit at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas.  I will have some wonderful pieces which will be there until the week after Mother’s Day.  This is a new venture for the Carnegie and provides an opportunity to buy a lovely gift for one’s mother or oneself.  Everything works.  And there will be several other artists who only participate in the Small Works Exhibits at the Carnegie.  Lots of beautiful and interesting stuff.

And then for  me, there is the highlight of the spring – The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour which is the week end after Victoria Day.

We are 8 studios this time – with the addition of Hugh Widdup who is a wood turner and Sandra Greenwood who is a lamp work artist.  Go to our website for details – www.BeyondtheValley.ca

Eric Ranveau will be my guest again.  He will also have work at the DVSA live auction.


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Today is Studio Sale Day!

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But oh no!  It is snowing.  My husband promises me that it will stop by 9:30 – I am holding him to that!DSCF0006

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Studio Sale 2 Days Away! Saturday, March 5th 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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A totally custom made pendant set with  white and light peacock blue Mabe pearls.  3 dimensional for a different and unique look.DSCF0031

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