Mary Poppins here I come!

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Last Saturday I was exhibiting at the Hillfield-Strathallan College Homecoming. It was an outdoor setting with tents and tables provided. It was also a very windy day and I was able to do a Mary Poppins routine but on a grander scale. The wind picked up the tents and I tried to grab a pole but realized that there was no way that anything I could do would hold the tent down. The wind was fierce. I did let go but unfortunately for me, my bracelet got hooked on the pole and I was dragged along with the tent. It was very frightening as I couldn’t get loose, had visions of being dragged over tables and cars and losing my hand. The wind dropped suddenly and I was released with a gouge in my wrist, but no broken bones. My sister-in-law who was helping me is a nurse and quickly sat me down and applied pressure to the wound, cleaned it up and iced and bandaged it. I felt quite nauseated, never mind the pain. I was told that this was a reaction to shock. Now one tetanus shot and a prescription for anitibiotics later, I am doing quite well. Here I thought that jewellery design was a safe occupation-Hah!

The staff at the college were super and helped me get through this rather traumatic experience.

I thank them and of course my sister-in-law. If it hadn’t been for her I think that I would have had to go to a hospital.

I am gearing up now for the BEYOND THE VALLEY STUDIO TOUR which is during the week end after Thanksgiving–Oct. 13 and 14. The artisans are located in Dundas and beyond. Here is the link


There are 14 artisans taking part in the tour in 8 studios. Three of the studios are in century buildings which is certainly another attractive feature. Have a look at the website. I think that you will see that this is a worthwhile event with talented people displaying their crafts. This is one of the longest running studio tours in southern Ontario

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