2008 and New York City

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The new year has more than started.  It is not surprising to feel that the days are just running away.  I have recently returned from New York City after accompanying my daughter who was there for business.  It is an absolutely great city as everyone knows who has been there.  My plan was to walk everywhere that I could and I am happy to say that I did–for miles.  Our hotel was right at Grand Central Station on 42nd Street.  From there I walked all the way down to the lower east side and back,  to Central Park and also checked out all the surrounding area which was full of gemstone and bead distributors as well as jewellery merchants (with fine stones such as diamonds, emeralds etc.).  January is a great time to be in New York because of the sales.  Americans do know how to mark down.  My favourite phrase–“50% off the last ticketed price”.  Designer outfits that were 7 and 8 hundred dollars could be had for a 100.   Retail sales were somewhat soft this year so there were lots and lots of things to choose from. 

Grand Central Station or Terminal is a shopping mecca in itself.  The shops open at 8 a.m.  One of my favourite is O & Co. which among other things sells exotic olive oils and vinegars.   My favourite oil is green lemon which is wonderful in salads.  Our hotel was right above so it was not even necessary to go outside.

Another feature of the station, besides the phenomenol architecture, are the dining possibilities.  Lots to choose from.  We went to the oyster bar and had absolutely fresh and delicious oysters of several varieties plus other seafood.  We sat at the bar and the waiter did a good job of not paying too much attention to us or even making eye contact.   He did not ask us if we needed our drinks refreshed or anything else that might enhance our dining experience, appeared totally disinterested==until it was time for the tab to be paid.

We also dined at Aquavit where we partook of the tasting menu.  It was absolutely delicious-compliments to the chef.  There we had attentive service and it was greatly appreciated.  With our dinner we had flavoured Aquavit which is vodka flavoured with different herbs,or spices or fruit.  We chose the customary aquavit which was anise and caraway and then also had one with horse radish.  Altho this sounds strange, the flavours were quite subtle and very enjoyable.

Now you may ask what all this has to do with jewellery.  Well not much, but it was fun.

More next time about our Japanese tasting menu experience.  Sake is a great thing!!

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  1. Tater says:

    Well, it may not have much to do with Jewellery you’re right, but it still was fun to read and sounds like you get lots of exercise in NYC. I can’t wait to visit there one day!

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