Beyond the Valley Studio Tour in Dundas-Oct 18 & 19

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The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is just 9 days away.  It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is here and the middle of October as well.  Fall is my favourite time of the year as I mentioned before.   I love apples and the leaves turning and the crisp weather.  A great time for walking, and enjoying the outdoors.  And a great and inspirational time for designing beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Michelle Guitard who is an accomplished painter is my guest during this tour.  She has been busily working and creating wonderful pieces of art .  I love her tulips and hope that she brings another painting featuring one of my favourite flowers.  My other favourite is iris.  Michelle is very excited about being part of this studio tour and I know is looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.

Last night I brought my jewellery to a private home for a private showing.    The hostess is a vivacious and high energy person who is a lot of fun.  There was a lot of laughter and her guests and I enjoyed the evening very much .  We traded a lot of stories. She told the story of how she and I first met.  She signed a guest book at the last studio tour with her husband’s name.  I sent him an invitation to my Christmas Open House.  (not realizing it was a him).  He got in touch with me 2 days before Christmas in order to select a gift for his wife.  I was happy to oblige, she was happy to receive.  It worked out well for everyone.  Thank you to my hostess for last night and thank you to the guests who all left with piece of my jewellery (or 2 or 3).  It was greatly appreciated.

Sometimes I wonder what I like best about this venture.  I know that I absolutely love handling and selecting gemstones.  I love designing and actually making each piece.  Sometimes the end result surprises even me and very pleasantly I might add.  I know that I love meeting people and having great discussions about stones and what they are and what they mean.  The truth is, I just love everything!!

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