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In order to have a successful show or open house, a lot of preparation is required.  Yes, jewellery has to be designed and created but that is the final stage of the whole process.  Last week, Greg Fess of Greg Fess Photography photographed my work.  This took from 9 a.m. to about 3 p.m., with 2 other people working alongside-an art director and an assistant.  When you see the invitations for my Spring Open House, you will see the result of masters at work!  The images are incredible!!  My website will also be sporting these new images in a few weeks.  This is an very exciting part of the whole process for me because I also get to see my pieces through other artists’ eyes.  Finding an excellent photographer and one who can also photograph jewellery, is not an easy task.  Jewellery is exacting and a shadow in the wrong place can take away quickly from a piece.  Computers help to make all this easier because each image can be examined instantly and then readjusted if necessary.  All this takes time, and as you know time is money.

The plans for my Spring Open House and Sale are coming along nicely.  The invitations are being printed and as I mentioned, they are outstanding.  The dates are March 5, 6 and 7 which means that it runs from Thursday to Saturday.  Barnim Pottery’s Tulip Sale is also on the same dates.  So a visit to Dundas seems to be in order.  Come out and see what has been going on during cold winter days.  It might warm you and up and certainly will be cheery!

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