Gown Shopping in Toronto!

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My oldest daughter and I went gown shopping to T.O. whilst my middle daughter went snowmobiling with her father near Cochrane-many many hours away. T.O. is less than an hour away so our pleasure was immediate. My daughter was looking for a gown for a black tie event in N.Y.C. She initially thought cocktail length which is currently acceptable for such events. Our first stop was Holt Renfrew where she tried on many dresses under the tutelage of H.R. staff member Maher. Who was incredible by the way! She tried on short dresses, then got into long ones-all looked great-especially a raspberry gown that showed off her shoulders and was a wonderful colour on her-but altho she liked it, she demurred, thinking that it was too pink and not a colour that she normally wears. Well Maher offered lots of suggestions and went off into the rest of the store looking for gowns and came back with a Donna Karan that was breathtaking. Just image a simple, fitted gown, with a scoop neckline front and back, sleeveless, slightly flared at the bottom, and covered in sequins and……it was midnight blue!! My daughter has a lovely figure which was shown off beautifully. It was dynamite. But alas it was also an incredible amount of money. But then it was lined with cashmere! This gown and another were put on hold and off we went to lunch where we had to have Bellinis to help us think. Then to The Room at the Bay and finally Prada. There were some lovely gowns at The Room and at Prada but the Donna Karan gown just stood out. I think that she tried on at least 20 dresses.
I am a great believer in cost per wear, and the Donna Karan is a timeless piece which could be worn to many events for many years-my daughter has at least 3 more wearings in sight. So back we went to Holt’s, now with my niece who is a student at U. of T. and met us a Prada.
We had coffee first of course, to discuss “the Gown”. Well, the Donna Karan gown was it and Maher wrapped it up with a pair of high Laboutin black patent heels. Now my daughter will be 6 feet tall and how elegant!! The deed was done-thank you Maher for all your help. Now we had to go off and have drinks to let this all sink in. The Four Seasons has a great bar!! We bid adieu to niece and cousin-she is studying for final exams and off we went back home, with several packages. Now my daughter had to tell her husband!!

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