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We got back from Tobermory the other day having spent 5 days at my eldest daughter’s cottage. Life is good. My other daughter has a cottage at Wasaga which is also lovely and we get to spend time there too.. We are a reverse family-our children have the cottages whilst we just visit. I think that this is a winning situation for us.
Circle Arts Gallery in Tobermory opened for the season with a wonderful collection of new work by 65 artists. Check their website thru the link at the right of my home page. I have 30 pieces on display there and beautifully displayed it is. The Gallery has 2 storefronts and the collection is amazing-furniture, paintings, photographs, pottery, textiles, glass, and of course jewellery. This gallery was a Niche Award winner as one of the top 24 retail gallery establishments. Visit and you will see why!

The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is this week end-Saturday and Sunday. Am I ready? I never think that I am!!

My guest Michelle Guitard will be exhibiting new floral paintings and I can hardly wait to see them.

I will, of course, have many, many new pieces with stones and pearls and corals that have not been offered before. If you were watching Morning television on Channel 11 today (thank you Steve and Cameraman Phil), you would have seen my new Amber necklaces as well as amazing Amazonite-a lovely soft aqua colour. Turquoise is the colour of the year and this shade comes in many hues in a variety of stones. There is Aquamarine, Amazonite, Fluorite, and of course Turquoise itself. You will see all this and can decide for yourself which is your favourite.
I was on air for a minute and a half which seemed much longer, but then had to be cut off because time ran out. I do love to talk about stones!!! This morning on Channel 11, all the studio members of the tour had an opportunity to speak about their work. I am still amazed at how many people watch this early morning show which starts at 6 a.m.

Now back to work. I am setting up my displays today!!

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