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Much has happened recently. We experienced an earthquake. I was working in my studio when the furniture started vibrating, the windows shaking and so was I. A framed picture fell off a shelf. it was weird and somewhat frightening. And this was just a 5.0 magnitude which was centred 12 miles down and many many miles away. A 6.0 magnitude is 10 times as strong and a 7.0 is 100 times.
just a few seconds and an amazing experience.
This past Wed. I had another amazing experience, if you can call it that. My husband and i were walking on the pathway down by our bay area. We parked at Princess Point and had gone about 3 km. along the paved trail. Lots of families walking, cyclists, inline skaters. Just a beautiful day. We had visited Pavlo and Oksana of Pavlov Pottery in Rockton. They have a new addition to their family-a baby boy.
Anyway back to the trail. Were walking along and I started to move sideways to read a sign-heard my husband shout- turned- and got hit by a cyclist who was going much too fast. Speeding is the word!
I got my arm up just as he flew into me and knocked me over. I remember a fleeting thought that I had to get out of the way-too late!! Then as I was falling, it seemed that I would end up landing on my shoulder but just wishful thinking as my head hit the pavement with a hard thud. My earrings actually flew off! (I have pierced ears). Shock might be an understatement here. The cyclist stopped to help as did a couple of other people. I had minor scrapes, a bump on my head the circumference of a baseball and an arm fracture. Fortunately just somewhat worse than a hairline so not a complete break. So now here I sit with my left arm out of commission, in a sling, wrapped and waiting to go to the fracture clinic on Wed.
We went to Mac emergency and i think that every part of me was x-rayed. Next week, I go for an ultra sound as there is some tenderness.
So how and why did this happen? A cyclist going round a bend with not a good sight line, much too fast, giving no warning such as a bell or other sounds-then- a collision because he was unable to stop or turn. But if it had to happen, it was fortuitous for both of us-in a way. For me because I have very strong bones. For him-he was very lucky that i wasn’t a child or a fragile elderly person.
He was of course was very sorry and did accompany me and my husband to emergency and stayed til I was assessed. Another young man got his car and transported us off the trail and to our vehicle. And I thank him very much for his kindness. His companion I believe, found my earrings and got them to me and
I thank her too. I wouldn’t have missed them for a while and they do mean a lot to me.
We finally left emergency about 10 p.m. having arrived before 3.

tomorrow the tale continues:

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