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I am starting to get claustraphobic about this wrapping on my arm–wanting to get it off. And there are many more weeks of this or possibly a cast-I will find out Wed. I cannot drive, or work or do more than the basics-rather annoying. Yesterday, I was at our family doctor’s getting more pain medication. Took 2 pills and promptly brought up.:(
I also discovered that an ulna fracture is really painful as it heals-I verify this to be true. Each winter, I am really careful about walking on ice and snow, making sure that I don’t slip and break a bone. Wasted time worrying about that.

My husband and I spend time in Florida and we cycle on their excellent and safe trails. Hamilton could learn a lot more about managing their trails. Does the city do enough to ensure safety. I would say NO!

In Florida, the trails are divided by a painted line, much like a roadway. Everyone travels forward on the right side of the trail-walkers, runners, in line skaters, cyclists. Again like roadway traffic. When someone wishes to pass another person or persons moving more slowly, he or she will announce loudly “on your left” or “on your right” depending on where it is safe to go by. A cyclist will precede this by ringing the bell on the bike. This passing is done when oncoming traffic has cleared and it is safe to do so-again much like a roadway. Rules are posted frequently as are mph limits for bicycles.
Announcing your presence is a necessary safety measure. I did not hear that cyclist behind me. My husband And I looked behind us frequently but it did not help.
Trails should be safe for everyone!

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