The Sad News of the Purple Cast!

July 22, 2010 | Filed under: Uncategorized

I was at the fracture clinic yesterday and the news was not good! The ulna fracture had separated even more-the bones were not even touching, so surgery is now inevitable. But when? There is a surgeon ready to go but we are waiting for a bed as it involves an overnight stay for me. So here I sit, waiting, wondering how long this will take. I have a trip to Chicago coming up-will it happen? Yes if I have the surgery within the next 2 days. I had planned to be overseas in the fall, so at least that looks okay.
I wish that the surgery had been done 2 weeks ago then I would be well on my way to being healed.
“Let’s try this and see if it works”, is not always a good idea.
I am so grateful that my husband is so considerate and obliging. He has pretty much taken over the rest of the household duties and now does all the driving.
It is amazing to me how an injury to one part of the body affects the whole.
Hopefully my arm is fixed up soon! At least I have a fresh purple cast.

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  1. Yulia says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    Hope you’re feeling well after the surgery. It was very nice to meet you. Hope you enjoyed our little entertainment. Take care…

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