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Getting ready for a studio tour and our fall one is upon us, takes lots of work, besides working at one’s craft. I spend many hours designing and creating jewellery but I also spend many hours sourcing supplies, for example. One of my jobs as a member of the tour is to distribute our brochures. I hand deliver brochures to the Burlington Art Centre, to local galleries including the Hamilton Art Gallery, libraries, where ever they might attract the notice of the public.
One of my locations for delivery is the Tourism – Hamilton Information Centre, which is very good about then distributing to local outlets across the region. Great people to work with. At one time their storefront (so to speak) was on James St. S. between Main and King.
This was moved to Jackson Square and I delivered brochures there for our last 2 tours. This year, off I went to the same spot, which was boarded up. But not to worry, there is a map of Jackson Square and I soon found the new storefront which was just down the hall. But alas, Tourism Hamilton was not there. I checked another map – same incorrect address. Not one to give up, I went off to the Main branch of our public library and phoned for a new address ….Which was…..James St. S., so off I went thinking, well perhaps the original space had been renovated and Tourism Hamilton was back. I arrived and yes – found the administrative offices of Tourism Hamilton and also a sign saying that their information centre was beside the indoor entrance of the Public Library in Jackson Square. (where I started off about 40 minutes previously). I don’t give up easily and so I quickly returned and yes indeed there was the storefront next the the library entrance…..Strong signage…well maybe not or else I am not well sighted. I went in and said that it appeared that Tourism Hamilton did not want to be found….The response from a lovely and pleasant volunteer was that she heard this frequently. And this was not the final location as the information centre was moving to the Lister Block. 50 minutes of walking = good exercise albeit frustrating. So is this good for visitors to the city????

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