Having Lunch in Dundas, Ontario

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It has now been 2 weeks since my Spring Open House and I finally feel rested. But not for long as the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is coming up at the end of May. And since my sale was so successful, and I do thank everyone for coming out, I will be busy working on another “Spring Collection”.
In the meantime, my husband and I have started “having lunch in Dundas.” We have been to 2 spots…..Matsuri Sushi (formerly Matsu), which is at 36 King Street West. This is a new location in town and the restaurant is beautifully decorated. Sushi Master and owner Simon, is pleased with this spot. And we were of course very pleased with our lunch. His sushi offerings are excellent, I particularly like eel, and the sashimi is very fresh as it should be.
This really is the best Sushi restaurant in this area and I include Hamilton in that. I like having my oldest daughter come with us, as she knows how to order the most interesting food.
The other restaurant that we went to has changed owners and its name rather than its location. The new Nostalgia used to be the Schwaben Inn and is at 225 King St. West, but the other end of town. We had pork schnitzel which was okay and I had beef liver which was probably the best I have ever had. The decor has not changed nor has the menu much. It advertises itself as having Russian food but there really wasn’t much offered. I would say that the Schwaben Inn regulars still go there but there would have to be a change in decor and food offerings to attract new custom But if you like beef liver and I love it, this is the place to go. And the prices are reasonable. Nostalgia or Nostalgie seems to be a frequently occurring name of Russian type restaurants. Wish this one was more ethnic.
Just 12 more places to go!!!

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