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Yesterday was my day in Toronto visiting my suppliers. Train in and train out….great way to travel.
I usually buy basic sterling silver components online, but I like to see and handle gemstones, pearls etc., and try to get anything that I think is unique or unusual. I wanted to get ruby zoisite again, but was out of luck. This paricular gemstone is a combination of red and green. The red is actually ruby and the green is zoisite. Very attractive. When I first saw it, my thought was that it was too Christmassy, but with a few careful choices of components to complement this stone, the pieces turned out very well. (this reads like a very convoluted sentence???)
I also did a lot of walking while in Toronto which is my favourite way of getting around. But did have to give up as my bag got heavier and heavier. Which is a good thing, as I found some really lovely pieces.
My niece, who is a U of T student met me for a coffee break and we went to Starbucks on Bloor between Avenue Road and Bay. May I say that the wrap I had was totally unpleasant and definitely tasteless.
When choosing a food place, my niece said that there wasn’t anything good around in the cafe line. Would this comment be made in New York City or Paris? Toronto is a big city and we were surrounded by high end stores. There are some fine restaurants in the area, but perhaps a good cafe or 2 would be a nice addition.
I finished my day at the Library Bar in the Royal York Hotel. A great way to wait for the train home.

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