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I hope that events don’t really occur in 3’s. 2 years ago a cyclist ran into me and broke my arm…..while I was taking a leisurely stroll in the summer with my husband. The irony is that I always worried about winter ice. Yesterday, an elderly man ran a red light, and there was an unbelievable CRASH as we collided. Fortunately there was no blood……seat belts are a wonderful thing and they do save one from injury. I called 911….. and the fire department, the EMTs and the police were there within 10 minutes. Neither of us had passengers. But other than being shaken up, I think that we are okay. I asked the driver of the other car if he was, as reqested by the 911 responders, and he seemed so, and declined any medical attention.
The middle of the chest was very sore, and my knee. I was warned that today would be worse. And it was, in my neck and shoulder. But I do believe this too shall pass….at least I hope so. The other car was in quite bad shape as was mine, but there isn’t too much now that can’t be fixed.
I am already in a rental, but I do miss my car. Fortunately again, it looks like State Farm insurance will make this seamless in terms of repairs etc. It is the first accident that I have ever been part of. Not a nice experience.

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