Today is our 25th Wedding Anniversary

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Hard to believe that 25 years have gone by since we were married. We had a very small wedding in 1988, and so thought about having a large party to celebrate our 25th, but then decided a trip to Paris was what we wanted instead. Good Decision! But what we did do was start our celebrations this past Friday, with a dinner at the Winchester Pub in Dundas Then breakfast on Saturday at the West End Diner. Saturday night was the piece de resistance with dinner at Quatrefoil which was superb. My brother and sister-in-law joined us. Their 25th will be in November of this year. It was a busy year in 1988!
We are thankful to Georgina and Fraser and their gracious and professional staff for a wonderful evening. Started off with oysters and champagne. Then on to appetizers and delicious yellowfin tuna. My daughter sent us another bottle of champagne, and then on to dessert. It was so much fun and of course the food was exquisite. We are very lucky to have such a quality resto in Dundas.
Last night, the couple that stood up for us, came in from the U.S. for an overnite and we were able to reminisce. Today, another dinner out at Boston Pizza. I know, I know, not too glamorous but we haven’t been there in a while and the pizza was excellent…. and now we are done. And I am back to work. The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour – May 25 & 26….coming fast and furiously.

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