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flowers pearls etc 006The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour has been over for over a month, now. I can’t believe how the time has gone by. A belated thank you to everyone who visited my studio. There were a lot of new faces which was nice to see.
Our group has been working with Inspire Marketing on a media campaign and I think that it is working well for us. There have been features in newspapers, magazines, and on the radio. We are continuing our work with Brent and Amanda Kinnaird of Inspire Marketing for the fall tour, and in fact have already started the process to get ready.
For the last month, I have been recovering and gathering my energy for the next events that are coming up. I have visited suppliers and have some wonderful new stones, sterling silver and vintage pieces that I can’t wait to use as I start to create my fall line. But in the meantime, I have 2 events coming up. On Aug. 2nd, I will at the Iron City Fishing Club in Mactier, along with Scott Barnim, a potter who is part of our tour. (actually one of the originators). This is a private resort that holds an artists sale every year. I received a very warm welcome when I agreed to join Scott. I think that it will be quite an adventure and am really looking forward to it.
On Aug.17th, I will have a sale here at my home/studio during the Saturday of Cactus Festival. It will be from 11 to 3. I have done this for several years now and have been happy with the results. It gives me an opportunity also to provide a sneak preview of my fall collection.
I only send out emails and have a sign outside. Everyone is welcome to pop in.
Above is a picture of some wonderful pearls that I found on my travels this past month. These are really special and retail for $450. a strand—a lovely colour, with smooth nacre. Click on the image to enlarge and get a better look. I think that I will start with earrings.

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