Best In Show – article in the Globe on Saturday

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A great article in the Globe yesterday about artists who sell in venues other than storefronts or online.  Like me. And I am as the artists mentioned, also, so incredibly grateful that my work strikes such a chord with people.

And customers do like the face-to-face interaction with the maker.  And if I may add, the artist loves the face-to-face interaction with the customer. And I will quote with some asides from the article “For (any artist), the intimacy of the in-person transaction just makes sense. The artist can  look at the client and try to figure out what that person wants and if lucky,will have the art, that will give that to her or him.  And lucky me and any artist for being able to do that!”

My friends who help me and I often discuss after a studio tour or an in-house sale why and how do we continue to be so successful.  The work is important of course but what really makes the difference is the opportunity to work directly with every client/customer.  We appreciate that contact, in fact we love it and as a result, it becomes fun not just a job.

Pictured are some of the earrings that I design using vintage metal stampings.  Most date from the 50’s to 70’s.  More images of new work coming!!DSCF0017

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