About Stephanie King

I have been involved with jewellery all my life in one way or another. Even as a child I loved coloured gemstones (e.g. amethyst, topaz, garnet etc.) and still do. I worked in retail jewellery as an assistant manager; earned several degrees, a teaching certificate in English and Art. After a career in education, I embarked on a career in antiques, dealing in, among other things-estate jewellery. Now I am involved in designing and creating my own pieces. Precious and traditional gemstones such as amethysts are easily recognizable but there is a wonderful range of unusual stones such as Labradorite (a grey opalescent stone discovered in Labrador)that is available for use in jewellery. What can result is a unique and dramatic combination of colour, texture and shape. Sterling silver is my metal of choice. Some of my pieces have hand hammered or hand made sterling components and I have even incorporated chain maille in some designs. It is fascinating for me to see how my work is evolving and developing. I have to say that sometimes I am surprised when I see a completed piece.