Spring Open House-Day 2-The Storm is coming!!

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The second day of my Open House started with a good number of visitors until about 3 p.m.  Then the snow started and it seemed over.  I was still quite happy as the day before had been so busy with lots of visitors and good sales.  Then at about 5:30, amazingly, more visitors-in spite of the snow.  How gratifying it was to receive them and a lot of fun.  There was time, and it is important to have time,  to try on different pieces and discuss how the jewellery can be worn. My chains often can be worn in 2 to 3 different styles.

It is important for you as a buyer to make time and try on pieces,  even ones that you like but think might not suit you.  Because sometimes  and unexpectedly a piece of jewellery that you might not normally wear, does after all make you look fabulous.  I have heard many a woman say “I only look good in dainty pieces!” or “I don’t wear large pieces-I am too small”.  This is not always the case so do listen to the designer who suggests something that could work for you.  We look at colour and shape (yours and the jewellery) and don’t be reluctant.  Keep in mind that the necklace or earrings or bracelet or pendant should make you look beautiful.  You wear the jewellery-it shouldn’t wear you!

One woman was drawn to and looked wonderful in large dramatic pieces in black and bright colours.  Yet she also chose a smaller necklace made up of smoky quartz (brown) tears embellished with turquoise crystals.  It was another look, softer, that  also enhanced her appearance.  One advantage of attending an in studio sale is that much trying on is encouraged and there is a lot of discussion and personal attention-so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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