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More Pictures-My fingers are busy!!

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With the festival and show season starting, I have been busy making pieces to exhibit.  Mauve, lavender and purples are some of the colours this season.  But my experience has been that all colours are in fashion-some perhaps more that others.  Last season, greys were it,  but not many people suited these shades.  So always buy what suits you and what you love.  Nephrite and Lemon Quartz with sterling silver.dscf0003.JPG

My silversmithing class was a good experience.  I have made a wax mould of a ring that I will cast in silver.  Although I wasn’t expecting to do casting, I am quite enjoying it.  I took the class because I wanted to learn metal fabrication.  I would like to be able to make components for necklaces and bracelets-perhaps pendants and other interesting shapes that can be incorporated into my designs.  So Far-So Good!!

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Nova Moda Boutique-Spring is finally here! Time to Shop!!

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The weather is postively balmy now in comparison to what it has been.  Now is the time to look for beautiful spring fashions and put the winter stuff away.   And the spring outfits are beautiful, in great colours and wonderful designs.  Nova Moda boutique has sophisticated and fun clothing in a delightful array of colours to help keep up that spring mood.  One of my favourite designers is Nada and there is certainly a good selection at Nova Moda.  And where would one be without handbags.  Designer Christopher Kon who is from Montreal has an assortment of patent leather at reasonable prices, I might add, as well as fun beach bags for just $67.  The beach bags are bright colours on the outside (such as green or yellow or orange) with a co-ordinating printed fabric on the inside and a matching braided strap.  Not just for the beach obviously!!  These and much more can be found at Nova Moda along with accessories such as my jewellery in turquoise or coral and quartz.  Nova Moda also carries MM Crystal jewellery.  These pieces can often be seen on the Red Carpet worn by such celebrities as Cheryl Hickey.  Check all this out-it is well worth a visit.

New York was a great experience.  We left here at 10 p.m. Friday night and I was home at 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning.  It is unbelievable what a person can do when determined to make use of every minute.  I did lots of shopping and came home with a bagful of gemstones and am excited about getting started.  I looked at shoes in Saks 5th Avenue where the prices start at about $400.  You would never know that the U.S. was experiencing economic difficulty.  It looked like a frenzy with all kinds of people trying on shoes and of course buying.  Macy’s was the same.  No shortage of shoppers in NYC.

The weather was great for walking and we did a lot of that.  Just a wonderful city to visit.

I am off now to my silversmithing class.  It is always good to try something new!!

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More Pictures-Still Practising

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It is interesting for me to review my designs. Sometimes a necklace or bracelet that looks to be a relatively simple design can take hours. The lava rock necklace is a case in point. I might start with a sketch as an idea surfaces, but then, in the working of the piece I often change my ideas as I go. This necklace took approximately 5 hours plus to finish. Sometimes I think of myself as a problem solver-here are the stones-here are the embellishments-now to make it look alluring!!  The necklace pictured consists of a 20 mm sterling silver focal bead bookended by bali sterling and glass cylinders.  All the metal is sterling silver.  It is a simple design that yet has a dramatic impact.  And as its owner has said “The picture does not do it justice.”


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New York City–Here I Come!!

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Tonight at 10 p.m. I am leaving for NYC via bus with several friends.  We will travel all night, stop somewhere in New Jersey about 7 a.m., freshen up and hit NYC running.  My understanding is that the return bus leaves at 11 p.m. Saturday night and we are home Sunday a.m.  My friends have done this before and have had a lot of fun plus now they are experienced day trippers-my daughter thinks that I am crazy-but what the heck–it is an adventure!  I plan to shop for, would you guess, gemstones naturally and perhaps some personal shopping.  I know that on my way home with my bag of gemstones, my mind will be percolating with new designs. You will see them at the Distillery in Toronto, on May 24 and 25 or at the Studio tour,  May 31 and June1 in Dundas I had a dream last night that I forgot my money and my credit cards.  Now that would be a disaster.  My husband will be at home perhaps painting the ceiling and wishing that the dream was true!!

NYC is great fun and I am very much looking forward to this trip but unfortunately it will be raining.  We will just have to stay indoors and shop!!

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More Earrings!

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onyx-ear.jpgAgain another pair of earrings (I am practising uploading pictures).  These are faceted onyx teardrops with sterling silver rings and findings.  All my earrings are created using sterling silver although I have started dabbling in copper. 

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My Favourite Earrings!

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smoky-quartz-ear.jpgThese are faceted Smoky quartz Earrings that are to die for!  The stones are absolutely beautiful as you can see-they are long measuring about 1 & 3/4″ so this is quite a dramatic pair.  You will see them shortly in my gallery.  I have found that my earring designs have changed and are much more striking.  One of my favourite clients mentioned that she has enjoyed seeing how my designs have evolved over the last 2 years.  They have become bolder and more dramatic including the earrings.  Finding better quality gemstones certainly is inspiring.  My gallery will be updated soon with several new designs-eye candy as it were!!

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