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We are all gearing up for the tour and look forward to a good turnout. The weather looks good, so it will be a lovely week end to visit 7 studios and 13 artists. Many new designs await your perusal. Visit www.BeyondtheValley.ca
The Artisans in the Distillery Show in the heritage Distillery District in Toronto was on this past week end. The weather was very good altho we were very cold on Saturday. The crowds were amazing which was great to see. Thank you everyone who came to my booth to see my work and also to those who took a piece or two home. It is always enjoyable to meet and speak with people who are obviously interested in the arts. There were many talented artists at the Distillery and the organizers are to be commended for an efficiently run show. I was very pleased with my location which was just excellent. This year the numbers exhibiting were larger, about 50 or so. Unfortunately 18 were jewellery designers. I say unfortunately, even tho I am a jewellery designer, because this is overkill and makes the show less attractive to the public. The show promoters cannot guarantee sales as no one can, but too many artists in one field can be a turnoff. I heard comments from the public going by, such as “lots of jewellers here” (not said with pleasure), “it looks like a jewellery show”, “not too much variety, is there” and so on. I think that all show promoters face this problem of too many jewellers applying-it used to be the same with potters. There is a need to fill the spaces in a show but a quota is also necessary. The Cabbagetown show in Toronto has a quota of 1 jeweller per 6 artisans and stick to it and it works.
The other point to ponder is “Are there too many Art and Craft shows and exhibits now”. As a result the offerings get watered down. I mentioned my foray into Barrie to Kempenfest last August in a previous post. The application said that the show was juried and that no mass produced or imported items were acceptable. HAH! There were many, many of these. In checking with the exhibitors around, the message was that once the booth was set up, no one asked any questions. The promoters main goal was to fill spaces and they succeeded by turning a blind eye. I was in the antique business for about 10 years. I remember participating in shows where the public lined up pre-opening and than ran in to get to their favourite dealers. This slowly stopped happening as more and more antique shows appeared. The result was lesser quality goods, as promoters tried to fill spaces, fewer sales and declining public interest. Christie’s Antiques show which was on this past Saturday still maintains its quality offerings-one of the best in the country.

But I need to stop expounding and get on to my work. I am going to continue blogging about stones. I have written about Jade, Turquoise and Amethyst. Next–PEARLS! Did Cleopatra really eat one?

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I will be in Toronto tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday in the Distillery District. This is an exciting and vibrant area full of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries in heritage buildings converted to house them. The streets are still the old brick-just a beautiful place. The Artisans in the Distillery show of which I am a part is larger this year with 52 artists. Click on the link at the side for details.
The weather looks fabulous, so do come out. It is also the Open Doors event in Toronto this week end. Always enjoyable.
Last week end we were in Tobermory for a very cold, windy, sunny and fun time. The Circle Arts Gallery in Tobermory had its opening reception which was attended by quite a few people. This is the 40th year for this gallery which started with 6 artists and now represents many, many more. I have pieces there which were just beautifully displayed as is all the artwork. It is well worth a visit. Click on the link at the side for details.
I am now in panic mode which always happens at this time, as I think that I don’t have enough pieces. I should have learned by now that my max is to have about 100 pieces finished. This is a bit of a pernickity (have I spelled this correctly?) task since so much depends on timing, mood, and of course inspiration.
I spoke with a woman yesterday who was at my first sale a few years ago. She commented on how my designs had evolved. This is so true-not only the designs but the materials of choice. This is one of the things that makes designing jewellery so exciting-there are constant changes. I look forward to that all the time and sometimes amaze myself.
I hope that I see you tomorrow or Sunday in the great city of Toronto!


Saturday and Sunday
May 30 and 31 10-5

at my studio. Check the link at the side for details.

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Mother’s Day is Over!

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Well, back to reality! Mother’s Day is over. We gathered here for Thai food, a family get-together and catch up time. Now it is time to get serious, especially with a number of events coming up.
I now have in my inventory even more unusual gemstones. Caribbean emerald green amber is exquisite and I have paired it with copper. This is a relatively new amber to the market that comes from Guatamala, Puerto Rico and Mexico. It is not as old as Baltic Amber but still millions of years in age. Just beautiful!
I have had green amethyst in my collection for the past year. For the studio tour I will have pink amethyst in faceted tear drops. Earrings are a definite and I will see what will follow.
I have large square and round purple swirled agates which look wonderful as pendants. As well new pieces in terms of shape, colour and size in turquoise. Labradorite which is an opalescent grey with blues, yellows, greens peeking through, is one of my favourites and again many new shapes and sizes. The list really does go on and on. My goal this season was to have different shapes and i think that I have succeeded. Do come out and have a look.
The Distillery show in Toronto ( May 23 and 24) is less that 2 weeks away, followed by the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour May 30 and 31 ). Click on the links to the right.

Circle Arts Gallery in Tobermory opens this week end on May 16th celebrating 40 years of representing fine artists. I have a number of pieces there and am very happy and excited about that.
Well back to work. Tomorrow I will blog about another gemstone.

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