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One of a Kind Show in Toronto-worth a visit!

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We went to the One of a Kind Show at the Exhibition grounds in Toronto. It was the first day of this 10 day event and well worth our time. The quality of the merchandise was excellent as was the variety.
If I weren’t preparing for my Open House starting Dec. 4th, I would certainly have gone back and really wished that I could do so. Textiles were a big feature with many young designers showing off their creations-dresses, skirts, jackets, sweaters, scarves, hats and the list could go on. Children’s clothing was adorable! And all the food people were actually giving out samples!! Didn’t happen this way 2 years ago.
What helped to make this show such a success was the quality of the artisans’ work. Scott Barnim was there with his pottery. A principal of the Dundas Beyond the Valley Studio Tour the of which I am a member. As well other tour members were there-Richard Fisher Pottery, Lori Skinner with her beautifully crafted birds (all weatherproof), Michelle Prosek and her glass designs-tiles, lamp shades, night lamps etc. Deborah Doran who is part of the Dundas Studio Tour (another studio tour in Dundas which, by the way is a growing community of artists and artisans) was also exhibiting.
There were many jewellers there. But with the hugeness of the exhibition hall, nothing seemed overwhelming in terms of numbers. And I have blogged about new things in jewellery-drusy (or druzy) as well as rutilated quartz. Both these types of stones were shown by the fine jewellers at the show. Agate drusy (a crystalline structure which forms on the surface of the stone) was set in rings and pendants. Rutilated quartz came with black rutiles (lines within the stone which are a mineral substance) and gold rutiles. You can see them at my studio Open House as well. I have actually been using and showing drusy and rutilated quartz for a year now. I have a gold rutilated quartz pendant available that is magnificent in size. Come and see it!!
Just a reminder that my work is available at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas. And of course, my Christmas Open House is this coming week end starting Friday at 1 p.m.

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“It’s a New Car!”- a quote by Bob Barker of the PRICE IS RIGHT.

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We have become parents of not only 1 but 2 new vehicles. Unfortunately we did not win them on the Price is Right but had to pay out hard cash!! Our Honda Odyssey van which was 10 years old and had almost 400,000 km. finally ceased to run. It was replaced with an orangy copper Ford Edge. I am really enjoying this SUV. Buying this car through Bob Hunter at Mohawk Ford was a very good experience. My daughter who is the CEO of Social Media Group counts Ford International among her clientele. She and her husband bought a Ford Flex from the same salesman. And they recommended him as being straight forward, to the point, and really good to work with. No game playing here. And such was our experience. This man has been working for Mohawk Ford for 40 years. It is amusing to see that the first 2 letters of our new plate read BH. Perhaps in honour of Bob. Now we also bought a new Honda Ridgeline truck at a Honda dealership. Great vehicle! But unfortunately a stereotypical car salesman experience.
We also have a Ford Ranger (in our stable of vehicles we can now say). It is a ’93 with almost 400,00 km. as well. At one point we were considering trading it in but the Artmobile (as our children like to call it) continues to carry on. A credit to Ford!!!

The MacFair is now an event in the past. This was a very well organized show. Thank you all who came out to the McMaster Museum of Art. See you next year!

Coming up, I have several Fundraisers and then my Christmas Open House Dec. 4, 5 and 6th . It is hard to believe that the year is almost over.

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“As seen on TV”

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I am happy to say that one of my pieces-a turquoise pendant, was worn by its new owner on the show “LOVE IT OR LIST”, this past Monday. This show airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. I must say that the pendant looked lovely but then the young woman who wore it looked lovely and was beautifully dressed. Her mother, who is a client of mine purchased it for her as a gift. The concept of the show is to have your house renovated within a certain budget, while looking for a new home. Then the decision is to stay in the renovated home or list it after all and buy another one. This couple made the right decision and “listed it”.

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