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The Beyond The Valley Tour has now been over for about a week and a half. It took me about 5 days to recover from the excitement and energy levels that the tour generates. It was very well attended and I thank everyone who came by whether to browse or to purchase a piece of jewellery. All were welcome and always are. One of my visitors said that she found my helpers (3 very good friends) and me very welcoming-that it was obvious that we were enjoying the day, the people who came, talking about jewellery and were just generally having a good time. As a consequence she found it to be very comfortable being here and was enjoying herself very much as well. She felt that whether she bought a piece of jewellery or not, we were still very glad that she was here and tried to make her experience as fun as possible. I believe that to be very true and what it comes down to is that we are very sincere about what we say and do and that it is very important that the new owner of one of my designs is very happy about a purchase. And if there is no purchase, that is fine too. Because there is always another time and I never want anyone to feel unwelcome.
After the tour, all the artists, their helpers and families joined us here for dinner. I could tell that everyone had a great tour and a wonderful experience. The mood was lively and uplifting. Congratulations to all. Chef and Wife of Dundas catered the food which is always excellent. We often get their take-away dinners.

Yesterday we returned from Pennsylvania, having toured 2 Frank Llyod Wright designed homes. We visited Falling Water in Mill Run, and Kentuck Knob just 7 miles away. The homes were unbelievable. Falling Water is cantilevered over a waterfall. It was built in 1936-39 as a summer home for the kaufman family. Wright was just on the site 4 times. I find that hard to imagine but there it is – this wonderful home, now a museum – in all its glory. Kentuck Knob was a much smaller home (2200 sq. ft.) and was a permanent residence for 30 years. He visited that site once.
It is now a museum as well. Wright designed this house in 1954 when he was in the 80’s. The man was brilliant and controversial.
It is an extraordinary experience to see his work.
We then stayed in a small town called Ligonier. Just so charming. Many small American towns have a central square surrounded by shops and this one did too. Yesterday over the noon hour, there were musicians in the gazebo in the square, entertaining passersby. We stayed in B&B’s both nights. One home was built in 1903 and the other in 1906. Both were decorated in the Victorian style and were charming. We have a home that was built in 1870. I am tempted to introduce more of a Victorian look to the interior but I resist. Just think of all the extra dusting.

My next event is Art in the Alley at the Cactus Festival in Dundas. The dates are Aug. 21 & 22-a Sat. and Sun. June and Ivor Lynch of Picture Perfect Gallery are in charge of this part of the festival and a very fine job they do. These 2 are such Dundas Boosters-the community is lucky to have them.

And now for tea! This is a cold and miserable day!

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