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The Sad News of the Purple Cast!

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I was at the fracture clinic yesterday and the news was not good! The ulna fracture had separated even more-the bones were not even touching, so surgery is now inevitable. But when? There is a surgeon ready to go but we are waiting for a bed as it involves an overnight stay for me. So here I sit, waiting, wondering how long this will take. I have a trip to Chicago coming up-will it happen? Yes if I have the surgery within the next 2 days. I had planned to be overseas in the fall, so at least that looks okay.
I wish that the surgery had been done 2 weeks ago then I would be well on my way to being healed.
“Let’s try this and see if it works”, is not always a good idea.
I am so grateful that my husband is so considerate and obliging. He has pretty much taken over the rest of the household duties and now does all the driving.
It is amazing to me how an injury to one part of the body affects the whole.
Hopefully my arm is fixed up soon! At least I have a fresh purple cast.

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Today I was at the fracture clinic for almost 4 hours-and the news wasn’t all that good. This is a totally new experience for me as I or any of my family haven’t ever had a bone break.
Upon arrival, I was sent to have another X-ray so that there can be a comparison to the one done when I was at emergency last week. While waiting for the doctor I looked at he film and could see a distinctive break in the ulna just above the wrist–not a hairline but a break!! The worst was yet to come. It was a displaced break and the bones were not lining up. The X-RAY THE DAY OF THE ACCIDENT SHOWED NO DISPLACEMENT.
My understanding is that the ulna is not easy to stabilize so that there is no movement, especially after a displacement. So I could be facing surgery to do a repair. Now this accident happened last Fri. and I was sent home with my arm wrapped in a splint-with no cautions about limiting movement. I was to wait for a call from the fracture clinic but was shocked when told my appt. was going to be 6 days later (a week after my collision). Should I have been sent to the fracture clinic right away? Probably!
The doctor in charge of the clinic ordered a cast for me and there was an x-ray after the casting to see if the bones were lining up. I am to return in 2 weeks to see if the cast kept the bones together and if so, then no surgery. I am hoping for the best. My arm is again extremely painful and I hope that this subsides soon.
The only fun thing about this experience is having a purple cast. While plaster casts are still used, this new method involves wrapping a bandage type material around the limb which then hardens. And it comes in colours-hot pink, blue, green purple. It is lighter than plaster and therefore better for the summer BUT will it work as well? I will find out in 2 weeks!!

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I am starting to get claustraphobic about this wrapping on my arm–wanting to get it off. And there are many more weeks of this or possibly a cast-I will find out Wed. I cannot drive, or work or do more than the basics-rather annoying. Yesterday, I was at our family doctor’s getting more pain medication. Took 2 pills and promptly brought up.:(
I also discovered that an ulna fracture is really painful as it heals-I verify this to be true. Each winter, I am really careful about walking on ice and snow, making sure that I don’t slip and break a bone. Wasted time worrying about that.

My husband and I spend time in Florida and we cycle on their excellent and safe trails. Hamilton could learn a lot more about managing their trails. Does the city do enough to ensure safety. I would say NO!

In Florida, the trails are divided by a painted line, much like a roadway. Everyone travels forward on the right side of the trail-walkers, runners, in line skaters, cyclists. Again like roadway traffic. When someone wishes to pass another person or persons moving more slowly, he or she will announce loudly “on your left” or “on your right” depending on where it is safe to go by. A cyclist will precede this by ringing the bell on the bike. This passing is done when oncoming traffic has cleared and it is safe to do so-again much like a roadway. Rules are posted frequently as are mph limits for bicycles.
Announcing your presence is a necessary safety measure. I did not hear that cyclist behind me. My husband And I looked behind us frequently but it did not help.
Trails should be safe for everyone!

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Much has happened recently. We experienced an earthquake. I was working in my studio when the furniture started vibrating, the windows shaking and so was I. A framed picture fell off a shelf. it was weird and somewhat frightening. And this was just a 5.0 magnitude which was centred 12 miles down and many many miles away. A 6.0 magnitude is 10 times as strong and a 7.0 is 100 times.
just a few seconds and an amazing experience.
This past Wed. I had another amazing experience, if you can call it that. My husband and i were walking on the pathway down by our bay area. We parked at Princess Point and had gone about 3 km. along the paved trail. Lots of families walking, cyclists, inline skaters. Just a beautiful day. We had visited Pavlo and Oksana of Pavlov Pottery in Rockton. They have a new addition to their family-a baby boy.
Anyway back to the trail. Were walking along and I started to move sideways to read a sign-heard my husband shout- turned- and got hit by a cyclist who was going much too fast. Speeding is the word!
I got my arm up just as he flew into me and knocked me over. I remember a fleeting thought that I had to get out of the way-too late!! Then as I was falling, it seemed that I would end up landing on my shoulder but just wishful thinking as my head hit the pavement with a hard thud. My earrings actually flew off! (I have pierced ears). Shock might be an understatement here. The cyclist stopped to help as did a couple of other people. I had minor scrapes, a bump on my head the circumference of a baseball and an arm fracture. Fortunately just somewhat worse than a hairline so not a complete break. So now here I sit with my left arm out of commission, in a sling, wrapped and waiting to go to the fracture clinic on Wed.
We went to Mac emergency and i think that every part of me was x-rayed. Next week, I go for an ultra sound as there is some tenderness.
So how and why did this happen? A cyclist going round a bend with not a good sight line, much too fast, giving no warning such as a bell or other sounds-then- a collision because he was unable to stop or turn. But if it had to happen, it was fortuitous for both of us-in a way. For me because I have very strong bones. For him-he was very lucky that i wasn’t a child or a fragile elderly person.
He was of course was very sorry and did accompany me and my husband to emergency and stayed til I was assessed. Another young man got his car and transported us off the trail and to our vehicle. And I thank him very much for his kindness. His companion I believe, found my earrings and got them to me and
I thank her too. I wouldn’t have missed them for a while and they do mean a lot to me.
We finally left emergency about 10 p.m. having arrived before 3.

tomorrow the tale continues:

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