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In my last post about my arm, I mentioned that I had surgery and would be seeing the surgeon. That I have done, but as with this whole experience things did not proceed as I was told they would.
I was to see the surgeon 2 weeks after surgery but it was delayed another week. Then, with trepidation, I finally had the post-surgery cast removed. According to the X-rays all was mending well but I was to go into another cast for another 3 weeks. “Oh no!” Even the fact that it was purple again didn’t console me as I was expecting a splint and finally some freedom. My fingers were freed up with this new cast which was good but unfortunately they look like fat sausages. The swelling is coming down but ever so slowly, so they still look like fat sausages. And my skin was flaking off. Yuk!
I saw my arm without the surgical cast (for the first time in a long time) and it was not a pretty sight. The skin was peeling, it was discoloured from bruising and antiseptics. I have to say that I didn’t recognize it.
Pain management has been a real issue for me. And there has been a lot of pain, now focused in my fingers and my hand which I assume is nerve related.
I see the surgeon in a week and a half and he assured me that then I would go into a removable splint.
This has been an unforgettable summer..unfortunately not in a good way.
Some good news…my impromptu sale went well!

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As I mentioned in the previous post, my studio will be open on the above dates, Saturday & Sunday from 10 to 5.
Because (I remember all those grammar lessons which stated that a sentence should never start with “because”…does this date me?),this was a last minute decision, all I have been able to do is send out emails. Please pass on the information about this event. And do stop in. We will have lemonade and perrier and……..

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The Painful (exceedingly) Saga Continues!

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Surgery on my arm was July 26th. It was a horrific experience.

But first the lead up. No bed for me at the hospital as I mentioned in my last post. So after 2 days of no news, I started calling the hospital, the surgeon, the fracture clinic doctor- you get the picture. It seemed that nothing was going to happen. It was frustrating, frightening and painful. I was anxity ridden.
On the 25th, I got a call from the hospital that a bed was available and I was to go in that evening. I was ecstatic and grateful-I had been saved!
Once in a ward, it became apparent that no one was sure of what was going on with me. A lot of surprised expressions when it was learned that this fracture was almost 4 weeks old. The orthapaedic resident met with me, having obtained pertinent info. I was going to have the surgery the next day by the on-call surgeon. It was obvious that some kind of stability would have to be provided for the ulna-a pin or a plate. The surgeon would decide.
As it turned out, only one operating room was running,(which was typical during this 2 week period)) so altho my surgery was scheduled for the next day, it could be delayed if emergencies came up. Also the anaesthiologist covered maternity.
And it was delayed-but not for long. The surgical team was absolutely great. As were the nurses on the ward!!
BUT-on awakening from the anaesthetic-I found myself in excruciating, excruciating pain-like my arm had a hot heavy, heavy iron pressed on it-it was unbelievable and I can really understand why torture works. This was the worst pain that I had ever experienced in my life. The recovery room nurses quickly increased my pain medication but I will never forget. A resident said that I was probably brought out from the anaesthetic too soon. (at least I am lucky that I have never reacted badly to anaesthetics.) I would wish this experience on no one!
My arm has a plate, which will be there forever, holding the ulna together. Sometimes I find it hard to fathom-from a simple walk to this!!
I now have another cast on, protecting my arm and providing stability while it heals. I will see the surgeon in 9 days. It has been extremely painful these last 2 weeks-and I don’t do well with pain medication but I take it as I welcome any relief.
I have had to cancel exhibiting at a show and of course going to Chicago. I very much would like to work on my designs but can’t. I do have some wonderful new stones-Sunstone from Oregan is fabulous-a sparkly topaz colour.

I am so hoping that my arm is healing as it is supposed to.(I am really afraid that something else will go wrong) My understanding is that my arm goes into a splint next. I should be able to move my fingers more easily and perhaps I can get back to what I love to do.


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