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Back from London, England & Paris, France!!

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I was so happy to be able to go to England and France. The day before we were to leave, I was at the Fracture Clinic, having my cast removed. The surgeons had assured me that I would be going, but I found it hard to believe. But my arm did go into a brace which I have to wear for 6 weeks. I saw the scar (nasty) and know that there is a bar of stainless steel about 4 in. long holding my ulna together. My fingers tend to curl and my baby finger seems to be the most affected. Physio is required. And every time I went thru security at the airports and train stations (we took the chunnel), I beeped and got the privilege of being patted down. This is now my fate while travelling.
But on to more exciting and interesting things. We stayed in a small village for about 8 days, called Stow-on-Wold in the Cotswalds, in England. Just delightful and so charming. Unfortunately my husband’s luggage was delayed by 7 days, but we are enterprising and made do. Our stone cottage was quaint. We walked, took buses and trains throughout this area. Incredible vistas! Visited Suddley Castle with a Pheasantry of beautiful birds. One displayed 9 colours in its feathers. From there we went to Paris and 2 of us celebrated our birthdays. I love Paris–my first visit. Visited the Hermes store. There were so many people at the scarf counter, that it required quite a wait to get served. These scarves are about 280 Euros each and some people were buying 5 or more. We generally found that stores were very busy wuth sales-belies the supposed poor state of the economy. True in London as well.
And the food was fabulous! Even in England we found it quite good. There is nothing that matches the taste of French baguettes and butter. And yes, there are all kinds of people walking around with a baguette in a paper bag under their arm–often with a few bites out of it. I miss those baguettes!!!
We spent our last 3 days in London. I visited Harrods and Selfridges which now has 35,000 square feet of shoes on display. (is there a pun in that sentence?). This is the largest display of shoes in the world.
But one of the best things to happen is that I found some gorgeous pearls, and unusual grey quartz. So there will be some pieces featuring the pearls which are about 13 mm. and in colours of cream, grey and peacock blue. Can’t wait to create!!

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