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The studio tour was a huge success. I think that this was the highest number of people that have ever visited my studio. And I thank each and every one for doing so. It was a pleasure to meet you and to see how appreciated my work was. You honour me!
My guest Michelle Guitard, sold 5 paintings which is just wonderful. People are coming to the studio tour and expecting to see her work. It was outstanding with one painting taking a new direction. Artists constantly evolve. It is a given.

And as usual, my friends, who help me during the studio tour, and I had a lot of fun. I love the fact that they are so willing to help and also look forward to doing so. It fills me with pride and a great deal of gratitude.

I am now slowly surfacing from the aftermath of the week end. The showroom has been tidied and now I am looking at my work space and thinking about tackling that. Altho I can be a great procrastinator. Books beckon me, I do love to read. But I must address the task at hand. I have a number of projects as a follow up to the studio tour and need to get started. I had hoped to take a week off but the MACFAIR is coming up in mid-November (details on my events page). And I am in the planning stages for my Christmas Open House which is the first week end in December starting with Friday, Dec. 3rd.
I saw the surgeon a few days ago. He was not too impressed with the mobility of my hand. Now it is aggressive phsysio-therapy and sweat and tears. He said also that my arm is capable of being as weight bearing as it was before the break. My major problem now seems to be strength in my hand and I drop things frequently which means that it takes a great deal longer to complete tasks. So that agility has to improve. All it takes is time.

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The days for the studio tour are almost here. This morning our group was on CHCH Morning Show with Lori DeAngelis, the community reporter, interviewing us. The cameraman, Phil, it turned out went to school with my daughter. This is always a fun event, as only Lori can make it. She is so vivacious and outgoing and puts us all at ease.
My showroom is set up and I am just tweaking the display and seeing where there are gaps in terms of colour. I think that I could do this for the next 12 months and never be satisfied.
The week end looks promising, altho cold. But the sun will be out.
My guest Michelle Guitard has been painting away and I can’t wait to see her new work.
We will have chocolate truffles to share and probably cider. I am still looking for a warm drink that is not coffee, tea or chocolate. Is there such a thing as hot lemonade?
I know that the other artists on the tour have been busy preparing too. I sometimes wish that I could go on the tour and see their work. But I will be here to greet everyone of you. I look forward to it!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are having the family over tomorrow for a Thanksgiving dinner-all 19 of us. Hard to believe that 3 of us arrived from overseas (many, many years ago) and now we are at 19 with another due to arrive in a few months. Life is good.
I have been working hard and it is difficult with fingers that won’t always co-operate. When my arm was broken, my fingers were fine, but during the surgery, the ulna nerve was affected and a result, my fingers curl. I have started physio-learned a lot-and hopefully that will help. The nerve has to repair on its own, physio won’t help with that.
I do miss Paris and one thing I forgot to mention is that all the food that we had overseas was served “hot”. Made me realize that we are accustomed to eating luke warm food. I do really miss that hot food. Stoves used to have warming ovens for plates. I think that some of the higher end models do now as well.
Tomorrow will be really busy, but I know that our dinner will be great. Turkey with stuffing, gravy, you get the picture.
Then the next day it is back at it-getting ready for the studio tour which is the upcoming week end. Again I am anxious that not enough is done but I always feel that way.
Lots of new stones to see-moonstone, Oregon Sunstone which is fabulous, and lots of pearls. Also do watch our group on morning television on Channel 11 on Wed. Oct 13th. We will talk about and show off some of our wares. Remember Beyond the Valley Studio Tour, coming this Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 16 and 17. Will be cold but will be SUNNY!

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