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2011 is Here & GOING STRONG!!!

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It is hard to believe that we are into the 3rd week of January already. My Christmas Open House seems an eon in the past. Thank you to everyone who came out. It was a fun event as usual and I am so happy that it went well.

I am now preparing for a photoshoot with professional photographer Greg Fess who is located in Waterloo. I cannot stress enough the value of well done images. My website gets lots of hits and I get lots of positive comments about the quality of my work. Excellent photography makes this happen!! Have a look at his website www.greg fess photography.com.

Altho jewellery is a passion, wall art is becoming one too. I have acquired 2 wonderful paintings by William C. Bird,(1917-2008) a Hamilton, Ontario painter. Initially I bought a small study at the Dundas Valley School of Art fundraising auction. Couldn’t find any info about him but by chance a visitor to the house recognized his work and told me where I could see more. There are quite a number of paintings hanging in 2 halls of St. Joseph’s Villa in Dundas. And if any are of interest, there is a phone number posted.

My Spring Open House is coming up in March. It is Fri. and Sat., March 4 and 5. I have now started planning the designs. I find that I go through several stages when I am preparing for an exhibition or doing a custom piece. Stage 1 is thinking (may take several days). Stage 2 is thinking (more days). Stage 3 involves the design as the piece starts to take form. Stage 4 is thinking. Stage 5 is actually starting the work. And then it can go on and on with many revisions. Yesterday and today, I started work on 2 necklaces and had to give up. Didn’t do enough thinking, I do believe.

The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is coming up. It is a spring tour and I am pleased that there will be a new studio. Pat and Charlie Lawson will be joining us. Pat is a fibre artist who does amazing work. Her husband is a woodworker-also amazing. They are located in Lynden and are a welcome addition to our group. More info later.

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