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Today the previews for the DVSA art auction began. I have contributed about 10 pieces to this wonderful event. I went today to look at the art offerings – and there were hundreds of pieces. I am always on the look out for an interesting painting. This has become my latest passion. Last year, I purchased 2 at the silent auction. The year before 2 oils that were Scottish and painted in the 40’s. I do favour 20th century art and particularly watercolours. I also seem to favour houses and rooftops – a problem only to some members of my family.
Previews today til 9 p.m. and then tomorrow and Sat. with the official live auction at 8 p.m. Always an exciting event.

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It has been a while since I posted and in looking at the last one, I noticed that I had put May 4 and 5 as my Spring Open House…NOT!! It always amazes me how something can be looked at frequently and glaring errors missed!!
So NO SPRING OPEN HOUSE ON MAY 4 & 5. It was in March and again was a great success. Thank you everyone for coming.
We were in Florida for a few weeks and returned, after wonderful sunshine and warm temperatues, to a driveway full of snow. ARRGHH! How depressing was that! Now I am listening to pouring rain. But yesterday was wonderful and full of sun. It was so energizing.
I am in the midst of my custom orders and alterations and redesigns. While in Florida, I did find some interesting and colourful gemstones and am already planning what to do. It is hard not to stray from the work at hand.
The next event on my schedule is our Studio Tour aptly named Beyond the Valley Studio Tour. It is coming up at the end of May. We have 3 new artists joining us, so do check out the website. It is going to be an exciting event. I would enjoy having the opportunity to visit our other studios while the tour is in full swing. But usually too busy here to step out. And I do love to meet everyone who comes by. Really looking forward to it.

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