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To be overwhelmed can be good and it can be not so good. The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour was 2 weeks ago and it was definitely a good overwhelming. The studio was packed…. people were waiting for it to open on the Saturday morning. This was definitely a good overwhelm as it was a very successful week end for me. Thank you everyone for coming out and choosing my pieces. It is a most wonderful and gratifying feeling to know and see that my work is appreciated. I will never take it for granted! And thank you to all my helpers. Without my friends’ support, I don’t think that I would experience all this success or have as much fun.

A not so good overwhelm is what I am involved in now, which is helping my mother move to a senior’s apartment. This is a good and timely move for her. She is happy to be going, and giving up her house which had become more difficult to manage. But the overwhelming part comes in going through all her stuff….sorting, culling, packing, preparing for sale and moving. This woman is totally neat. Everything has a place and it is a tidy place. Whoever owned the house before her created storage out of every nook and cranny. And, unbeknownst to me, every nook and cranny was full! What she couldn’t use, she simply stored. It is amazing what is coming out of that house. And it is touching when I see items that I remember from childhood, stored and safely put away. When she came to Canada in 1949, a McBrine trunk came with her. It is still there, with the label, the original paper lining, brass fittings and all is in excellent condition. My brother is going to keep that at his house. It needs to stay in the family. There are pieces of 50’s fabric that I remember as curtains hanging in our living room. I am going to make pillows out of that.
And the list goes on and on. Although there is an enormous amount of stuff to handle, it is wonderful in many ways to be able to remember the past.

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