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I am having a one day OPEN HOUSE tomorrow which is Saturday, August 20th. It is also Cactus Festival in Dundas, so there is lots of activity and lots to do and see.
Last year, I was going to exhibit at the festival but my arm was broken, and so I decided to hold an open house. This worked out really well. A sign went out front that my studio was open and I did send out a few emails. This is a similar endeavour. If you didn’t get a notice, I do apologize.

I have concentrated on making earrings. There are a number of new bracelets and necklaces as well. I remember when I started designing and making jewellery. I really didn’t like making earrings, but I find myself quite enamoured of it now. Part of the fun has been finding new findings. (is this a pun??). A great supplier in California has some unusual pieces and you will see some tomorrow. The rest I am saving for the studio tour in October. It seems far away, but time soldiers on, not at a walk but at a run.

There was a huge rain yesterday, part of which fell during the Cactus Festival parade. It is a given that it will rain at some time during this festival. My first show several years ago was at this festival and it did pour. I have to date missed exhibiting twice. Once because we were on a cruise to the Baltic and Russia, and the second time last. But I fear my outdoor exhibiting days are over. I shall carry on at my home and studio. Beautiful gardens and a lovely Victorian home…..can’t get a much better setting than that.
I hope to see you tomorrow!!

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Chicago is a city that is worth visiting. I think that I might like it better than New York. We spent 4 days there, and it was worth every minute. Our hotel, the Amalfi, offered a continental breakfast that was excellent. Plus there was a happy hour every day with snacks, such as veggies and dip, salsa, cold cuts, pita, cheeses and free drinks. You can’t beat that for dollar value.
Food is one of the great attractions of Chicago. Alinea, considered one of the best 100 restos in the world is located there. We dined at Shaw’s for seafood, Gibson’s for steak, Uno for deep dish pizza, Havan for Spanish. All excellent. But I think that one of my favourite places was around the corner from our hotel, State St. Pizzeria with thin crusted pizza that was absolutely delicious. It was a good stop for a slice of pizza and a drink, just when you are feeling somewhat peckish.
Chicago is divided into neighborhoods. We visited Lincoln Park and came upon a street fair. My understanding is that each neighborhood has a streetfair on a rotating basis. I could live in Lincoln Park. This was our third trip to Chicago and might be our last for a while. So many places to go and see. We are thinking of Washington next.
And now I am getting ready for a somewhat impromptu Open House, this Saturday which is Aug. 20th. The emails have gone out, and sign will go out and we will see what happens. The Cactus Festival is this week end in Dundas. Considered one of the top 10 festivals in Canada. Last year I was going to exhibit there but I broke my arm and decided to exhibit at home.

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