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My Christmas Open House at my home studio is just 8 days away. I have days where I can produce so much and then days where I just wander around waiting for not only motivation, but inspiration. This can be very frustrating. But it is a fact. Ideas can whirl through my head at, it seems at break neck speed, and if I don’t sketch them out (and believe me my sketches are minimal and very rough), then they are gone. Creativity is a hard taskmaster. Sometimes very obliging and other times, well…….
Sometimes I develop a rhythym (not sure that is the correct spelling) and am happily working away when….life intervenes. And the link is broken. And it is very hard to connect again.

A young boy of about 10 came into my showroom with his mother during the studio tour in October. He looked around and then said to his mother “this place is a woman’s dream”. This young boy is going to do well. I liked him right away!!!

It is my mother’s birthday today. She is an active 86. My brother and I are going to take her lunch as she really doesn’t like going to restaurants and then we are having a family party on Sunday, with her favourite, Chinese food.
Her car was stolen and we have been making sure that she gets where she wants to go. We will get her another car within the next 2 weeks, but she has become less enthusiastic about this. I think it is because she sees us so much now and is quite used to having us around regularly. She passed her driving test which was quite uplifting for her, especially after the car theft. Lots of changes in her life this year. She is doing well.
On Dec. 10th the women of the family are gathering and my mother is going to show us how to make pyrohy (known in the English world as pyrogy). This will be quite an event.

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