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What is the Cactus Festival About?

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I am not sure anymore. I walked through just before 10 a.m. Sunday morning….vendors were setting up in preparation for the day. King street was grimy with lots of garbage which was just starting to be cleared up. There were many more vendors it seemed to me. The usual junk plus some good quality merchandise and only a few booths with artisan work. Art in the Alley has disappeared. Last year and for many past years, Ogilvie street had set up with booths of art, crafts…all hand made. My understanding is that there was a disagreement with the Cactus Committee and the local people who were in charge of Art in the Alley. This is a pity, as this street provided a venue for local artists to display and sell their work and also be out of the crush of the main street of the festival. My first exhibit was there and those people who loved hand made work found us. And it was very well organized.
I think that the evenings are drinkfests. Anyway, I can’t think of very many redeeming feature of this festival. The parade was fun as it was focussed on local events. I imagine that the children love the midway rides. But the rest?? Many businesses, don’t do well during the week end, I know of one that closes its doors. I guess the bands are appealing. Buskerfest at least entertains families.

Now what about an Art and Food Festival?

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I was in the Cactus Festival Parade – sort of…..courtesy of my son-in-law who designed the ad on the bicycle he was riding during the parade. He was representing Krys Hines of Domestique who won the Best Business Award in Dundas this past year. Randy also designed the logo for Domestique…a great cafe on Miller Street in Dundas. Well worth the visit.
I was watching the parade with my grandson and surprised at all the participants. A lot of fun for all.

And don’t forget….the Saturday of the Cactus Festival…..my studio is open from 11 to 3. Do drop in!

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This Saturday, my jewellery will be available for sale from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. I have had this event for the past few years during the Dundas Cactus Festival. It gives me a chance to show and talk about the beginnings of my fall and winter collections. There will be cotton pearls again which I introduced this past May, but this time I have been lucky enough to get vintage cotton pearls which are much more intense in colour. As well, I am doing more work with vintage jewellery, i.e. taking it apart and incorporating pieces within my own work. As well, I find myself very attracted to clear acrylics…..these look just like clear quartz but of course are feather light. Which means that some of my very large stones can be part of a necklace, for example, but not be too overwhelming in weight and more comfortable to wear. Vintage metal stampings will be part of an earring line that is very reasonable.
So do come out for a quick visit. Our garden is gorgeous…the hibiscus are outstanding….and our porch most welcoming for a bit of a sit down. I look forward to seeing you here.
Can’t come during those hours? Please call to make other arrangements.

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The AGO Picasso exhibit will be over Aug. 26th. It is well worth a visit to see the great number of Picasso’s works and see the transitions that he made. I do not consider most of his art aesthetically pleasing but it was certainly innovative. He was famous during his lifetime and lived to a ripe old age. But he was a nasty man…..had many relationships that overlapped, beat his wives, was unkind to his friends.
Yet many people admire and adore him. My lasting impression of this exhibit and the artist, was that Picasso was extremely confident in himself and his work and most of all was a “SUPER SALESMAN”.

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