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Our 30th Year – Beyond the Valley Studio Tour

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Coming soon…Oct 13 & 14, we will be in full swing during our studio tour which is in its 30th year. Scott Barnim will have 30 special mugs for this event. Terry Osborne has gone bowling (as she puts it so well), and will have 30 special bowls. I will have 30 whimsical sterling silver and freshwater pearl bracelets. The 30th Anniversary stone is Pearl,
Just a sampling of what is to come.

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Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is on Twitter

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The artists on the tour have gotten involved with Twitter. So do follow us…..the link is on the right

Amazing what you find out.

There was an article about our studio tour in the Dundas Local paper. Exceptionally well written…..(I know, I used to be an English teacher in a previous life)

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Pantone Colours for the Fall

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Fascinating to see the combinations of colour that are part of the fall palette. Think deep intense colours of orange, yellow-gold, brown, deep pink,ultramarine, and grey and deep mauves as neutrals. Grey is a big part of the colour schemes this fall.
You will see all these colour combinations at my studio during the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour, coming soon, the week end after Thanksgiving. Our 30th Anniversary……..which is Pearl. And you know that I love working with pearls.
The image of these cotton pearls will give you a sense of the exciting colours that are coming.

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We have just returned from Florence in Italy – or Firenze as it is called by the locals. What a momumental experience! While there, we travelled to Cinque Terre, which is a world heritage site. 5 villages, which at one time were only accessible by boat. Now by train, bus and hiking. My husband and the couple we travelled with walked the entire trail connecting the 5 villages. This trail would be considered difficult. I managed 2 villages and then spent the rest of the time reading. 🙂

Pictured is the village that we stayed at – Manarola. On a cliff as are the other villages. Vehicles which are tiny are only allowed in the a.m. with deliveries otherwise it is walking.
We also travelled to Siena, Lucca (a walled city) and San Gimignagno which was known for 72 towers but now has only 14. The Tuscan countryside was breathtaking.

While in Florence, we stayed in an apartimento which was within walking distance to all the important sites. We saw the David by Michelangelo, visited the Uffizi Palace with its incredible art work, and also the Pitti Palazzo which was home to the Medicis among others. There we saw royal apartments, artwork, gardens, and a costume gallery.
The shopping was excellent and I am happy to say that I have returned with beautiful silver for my pieces, plus some gemstones and lots of inspiration.

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OCT. 13 & 14 , 2012

Saturday & Sunday
10 to 5

Free Admission

15 Artists in 8 Studios!! (go to my Home page and click on tour link at the right for map and details.)

My guest is ceramic artist Catherine Weir. (link to her website on the right of my Home page)

Receive STUDIO BUCKS – $1 for every $10 spent (before taxes). Can be used at any of the studios Saturday & Sunday of the spring tour.

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