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The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour and its 30th anniversary has come and gone. And it was a huge success as we had many, many people, quite a few of which were new “tourists”. On Saturday, Oct. 13th, my showroom was swamped. A great many pieces of my jewellery found a new home. Thank you to all.
This year we had a publicist, Brent and Amanda Kinnaird of Inspire Marketing. As a result we had 2 articles in our local paper, the Dundas Star, our work was profiled in the Spectator Style Column by Michele Steeves. Scott Barnim was interviewed by Judy Marsales on the radio 900 CHML, and Hamilton Magazine via Kate Sharrow has a great article about the tour and 4 of the artists in the fall edition. Pat and Charlie Lawson were profiled in the Dundas Star….just a great article and well written by Debra Downey. Pat works with textiles and Charlie with wood.
Paull Rodrigue our glass artist, was profiled in Hamilton Magazine, as were the Lawsons and I was as well. Totally a surprise to me but oh so nice to see.
It is very gratifying when community media steps forward to support local artists. A twitter account was also established and we are on Facebook too. Tweeting can be fun!
Now it is time to take a rest and then prepare for my Christmas Open House…Coming the first week end in December….and coming fast!

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Happy Thanksgiving

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I am in the midst of preparing for our Thanksgiving Dinner which will be tomorrow. Traditionally we have had it here on the Monday….gives our children an opportunity to spend time with their in-laws…..somehow it has worked out. As usual, everyone is contributing to the meal so it makes for an eclectic menu. We will be 21 this year. I always think to myself that when I came to Canada with my parents, we were three people. How our number has grown. Our 2 newest grandchildren will be joining us with their own spot at the table. Last year it was warm enough to eat outside but this year we will be indoors. Doesn’t matter where, as long as we can sit together and give thanks for who we are….what we have….and who is part of our lives. We are fortunate people. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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