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Barnim Pottery Christmas Sale-Stephanie King Jewellery Open House

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Again, in Dundas we have one-stop shopping. Scott Barnim is having the first week end of his Christmas Sale with 20% off. This community has been blanketed with his cards advertising this event. Bring your card with you for a 20% discount at Barnim pottery…from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After you have shopped there, do come by my home studio. My Santa collection is on display (I collect wooden santas) as is my new collection of jewellery for the holiday season.

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The Lunch Series resumes….at Quatrefoil

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We have started back to having lunch at all our local restaurants in Dundas.. We have been to Nostalgie with its Eastern European food….the best liver dinner I have ever had. Then on to Matsu Sushi which is one of the best in the Greater Hamilton area.
Last Tuesday we had lunch at Quatrefoil, quite a favourite of mine. They have a very nice 3 course lunch prix fixe menu for $33. And you can a add a wine for another $7. Last week, I had the calamari which could have been the lunch on its own. Very good. Then followed by meatloaf (cumbrae’s meat). I am not a meatloaf fan, but wanted to try this and it was good. My husband had pickerel which he thought was excellent. This past Tuesday, I went again with a friend, and had celery soup which was excellent and a small steak which was great too. No dessert this time. But the mimosas were wonderful which certainly added to the meal.

My Christmas Open House is coming up so I think that our lunch excursions will continue the first week of December. Don’t forget, Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 1 & 2 from 11 to 4. Lots of new things to see.

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Christmas Open House 2012- coming soon!

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Email-xmas-2012My Christmas Open House is fast approaching. It will be Sat. & Sun., December 1 & 2, here at my home and studio. You will be getting the invitation cards by the end of this week or an email on the week end if I only have your email address. Once again the invites were designed by Randy Cameron of Dundas, who is one talented person. The images on the cards were done by Greg Fess of Fess Photography in Waterloo. If you want quality work, that is the place to go. I have always had images done professionally and it is worth it.
So not only am I working to complete my Christmas Collection, but I will also have work at the Carnegie Gallery Christmas Small Works Exhibit which starts next week. This gallery has been a part of Dundas life for many years. There will be a number of artists exhibiting during these 2 months, so in essence, one stop shopping!
As well, I have been invited to become part of the James St. N. Art Crawl on Friday, December 14th. I will be located at H. Williams Jewellery at 136 James St. N. from about 6 p.m. Caillin Kowalczyk, who is a local visual artist will be there as well. There will be a notice along with my christmas Open House invite with details. Do come by an visit. I will have new pieces to show plus Glen Watts of H. Williams Jewellery has a lot of wonderful stuff.

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Japan Sweets…..a San Francisco candy boutique

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Japan Sweets Uncovered.

Japan Sweets is a candy boutique that is on Market Street in San Francisco. My grandson and I came across it as we wandered about. The candy is totally delicious with many filled with red bean paste (which I love). There are assorted and exotic jellies as well. Even the packaging is exquisite. I wish there was one close by but not so.
The green candy is jellied ginger with a red bean paste filling and the yellow is mango.

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Back from SAN FRANCISCO…what a great city!

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I have just returned from San Francisco after being there for 6 days with my daughter and 10 year old grandson. It was a great trip…..warm and sunny weather (mid 20’s), excellent food, good accommodations, and definitely lots to do for everyone. Plus the city is a visual delight.
We had a list of activities that we were going to pursue and I think got through our list. My grandson & I visited the Exploratorium which is an interactive space which occupied him for a few hours. We rode the cable car, took an open bus city tour, visited China Town & the Mission neighborhood, went to the Aquarium which had a display of jelly fish….they were so beautiful to see…in different colours – some almost lace like but oh so dangerous! While at Fisherman’s Wharf, we went to the Musee Mechaniques which is filled with antique and vintage slot machines. What was special here was that you could play the machines…whether it was a pinball machine or Whac a Mole (with a rubber hammer and I might say that my grandson got a very high score) or a fortune telling one…lots of games. The machines were fascinating. Some were automotans and quite old.
We also walked down the “Crooked Street” which is the steepest street in S.F. It has gardens arranged in such a way that cars can only go about 5 miles an hour as they go around the gardens. China town was a great spot where we had dim sum, plus a Chinese meal at the R & G restaurant which was Michelin recommended in 2010. I think, though, that the hi light was a Foodie tour of the Mission neighborhood. It was led by Chris Milano who is the founder of Foodie Adventures. When he said that we would be so stuffed, we wouldn’t be able to eat for the rest of the day, he was absolutely right. Along with food samplings, we got a history of the Mission district which is primarily Latino, and met a lot of locals. Chris is highly entertaining and made every experience so much fun that we can’t wait to go on another foodie tour. The Mission neighborhood is also known for its graffiti and there are tours that focus on that. I could see myself staying there….lots of character, good food and very friendly people.

S.F. is divided into neighborhoods that have distinct characteristics. Mission is primarily Latino, there is North Beach which is Italian, the Tenderloin which it is best to circumvent, China Town which is the largest in the U.S., Nob Hill which is well known, plus many more. We stayed in a hotel at Union Square and spent most of our time around there and in Mission and China Town and we were there for 6 days. So there is much more to do. And S.F. is child friendly with several museums that are interactive as well as playgrounds.
On Sunday we drove to Muir Woods which has redwood and sequoia trees. The tallest redwood in Muir woods measures at over 259 feet. So this trip was truly amazing. We hiked for over 2 hours and enjoyed every minute (well almost….there were some steep climbs).
S.F.’s population is quite ethnically diverse. This was interesting for my grandson to see. We are not quite so diverse in Dundas.

So I definitely recommend S.F. One thing I must mention is that all the waiters and any service staff we encountered were absolutely superb. Made our stay truly enjoyable.
Now I did find some beautiful gemstones which I am anxious to start working with. My Christmas Open House is coming up……so off to work!

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