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Matte Onyx Arrowheads and…… Smoky Quartz with Sterling Silver….of course

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Spring Open House 2013 #4 002Click on Image to enlarge.

One of my forever favourite combinations…..Black Onyx and Smoky Quartz.  The Arrowhead shape of the onyx is dramatic plus  the pieces have a matte finish.  The smoky quartz is carved and fairly light in colour which provides an interesting contrast.  Intriguing bits of silver in wonky shapes. separate the stones.  This is finished off with an oxidized sterling chain which has been doubled to give it more presence.  A great necklace to wear at any time of the year.  Plus there is a bracelet and a pair of earrings that are compatible with the necklace.

And you will see it all, Friday at my Open House.

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Introducing Apatite……..

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At my Spring Open House this Friday and Saturday (March 1 & 2), you will for the first time in one of my collections….APATITE…a beautiful greenish and bluish stone.  It has an opaqueness with a hint of transparency (somewhat like labradorite).  I have 3 pieces…a chain necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.  The colours are warm and rich and gradations can be seen in different lighting.  This stone is mined in Mexico, Norway, Russia and the U.S.  Psychological benefits are attributed to the wearing of this stones such as an increase in motivation, and energy.  It is said to ease sorrow, apathy and anger. Many healthful attributes are connected with this stone as well, but of course, you must believe.

Please click on images to enlarge.Apatite & SterlingApatite section

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Spring Open House…coming soon….March 1 & 2

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jpg of spring 2013 inviteBeautiful amber and vintage metal pieces, with sterling and smoky quartz.


Click on image to enlarge.

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Emerald Green, Pantone’s Colour of the Year

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Green Onyx & Sterling Pendant $229.Emerald Green is a striking but perhaps not easily worn by some.  But don’t shy away from this vibrant colour.  Choose emerald green jewellery…… gemstone emeralds are always nice but there are also other options.  Demantoid garnets come in this shade green onyx (the necklace and bracelet in the images are of green onyx).  Other options are accessories such as belts purses, and shoes.  Somehow the bracelet is a rather huge image. 🙂Green Onyx

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Back from Mexico

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Amber, Smok Quartz, Sterling Silver Bracelet - $86

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I returned last night from Mexico.  Had to phone my husband so that he could come and help me get up our icy hill.  While we (my daughter and grandson) were lounging in sun and heat on the Mayan Riviera, we missed our first major winter storm.  And I am sorry in a way.  I do love watching snow, especially if I have nowhere to go.

The resort, called Dreams Riviera was lovely….spotless, with a number of pools, many restaurants and with an exceptional staff and exceptional service.  We enjoyed our time there very much.  The food was not superb but good enough and there was lots of variety.  And of course endless drinks, from mimosas to summer time drinks like pina coladas, margeritas….you get the picture.  The rooms we had were probably the best that I have ever been in.  Spacious, with plunge pools just at the sliding door, lounges and very clean.

And now it is back to the cold, ice and the getting ready for my Spring Open House on March 1 & 2.  The invitation cards have gone out today, again designed by my son-in-law and beautifully so.  The piece on the front is a bracelet (shown above) Ambre Earing#00002of amber sterling silver and vintage ribbed metal.  The amber and vintage metal are from Beads of Colour in Dundas.   Debbie, the owner, always finds exceptional goods.  I understand that she has just returned from  the huge gem and bead show in Tucson.  Can’t wait to find out what she picked out.

My website probably won’t be updated til April.  I have 36 new images done by Greg Fess in Waterloo.  Excellent as usual.  I will post some here just to give you an idea of what to expect.

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