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Beyond the Valley Studio Tour-this Saturday & Sunday

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Just a few days to the studio tour and it looks to be a fine week end. Last year, it was very blustery and probably one of our worst weather days for the tour. None of our guest artists are outside so it doesn’t affect them. Catherine Weir will again be my guest and she has some wonderful new candle holders that are terrific. Wonderful glazes.
I have been working steadily and will start my set up today. It then gives me a chance to see everything out and spot what is missing. I am an erratic worker. I might start with labradorite and silver and end up working with rose quartz. If an idea comes, I grab it and go with it. As a result my work space looks like a disaster zone as I push everything away to start on a new project. I spend time at the end of every day tidying up (or not depending on how tired I am) and then repeat the whole process the next day.
We were in Tobermory for 4 days this past week end. I have work in the Circle Arts Gallery there along with a good number of other Dundas artists. The weather was coolish at first (we didn’t bring any jackets) but then warmed up. Lots of hiking and good food and drink. But I was anxious to get back and work.
My interview with Debra Downey is posted online at the Dundas Star website. Deb has a great sense of humour so it was a lot of fun. And there is actually a picture of me with the article, and those who know me, know that having my picture taken is usually a big no-no for me. I like to think that I look better in real life. (or probably not) 🙁
“Vanity, thy name is woman”. Who wrote that?
Our irises and poppies are starting to bloom. We will have a vibrant garden, will post some pictures today. If nothing else, the garden is worth a visit.

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Interview with Debra Downey of the Dundas Star

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lapis cubes 001Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Debra Downey as she interviewed me for an article in the Dundas Star. Last October Pat and Charlie Lawson were profiled as members of the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour and it would appear that this time, it is my turn. Inspire Marketing headed by Brent and Amanda Kinnaird co-ordinated this session.
The members of the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour have been working closely with the Kinnairds to promote our tour and successfully so. In my conversation with Debra, we touched upon many topics. She asked what inspired me and I must say that I thought that she might, so I had already spent some time thinking about that. It is colour that inspires me and the love of gemstones. I looked at our neighbors huge magnolia trees in the early spring when the flowers were still not quite open. You may recall seeing them on Creighton Road….hard to miss, and if you did, perhaps you shouldn’t be driving. The colour of the early blooms was a deep rich pink which was so beautiful. I have tourmaline that is tha colour and I immediately picked it up to start a piece. Walking by one of the clothing stores in town, I notice an outfit in the window which was a white dress with a copper coloured jacket…..that is now a copper necklace with white moonstone pieces. So I have come to the conclusion, that I spend my time interpreting colours and use gemstones to do so. More about the interview later.
Pictured is a bracelet and necklace of lapis cubes and sterling silver. The sterling silver is vintage and comes from the south west in the U.S. There is was made by Native Americans. The silver circular clasp is new and is somewhat awkward to use but it looks great. Click on the image to get a closer look.

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Time is flying by…….

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vintage copper floral 001 (click on image to enlarge)I always think that I have a lot of time to get ready for a studio tour, but in the end it just seems to whiz by. With this fine weather, it is hard to settle down to work, especially after so many glum days. We have a wonderful porch where we sit out as much as we can and even have most of our meals there.
I have spent some time working with vintage copper. The pieces that you see in the image are made up of the copper florals with dyed blue jade in a bracelet and earrings, a bracelet and earrings with sterling silver and a length of the vintage copper which will become a necklace. I just finished a piece with the florals and moonstone and am very pleased. I am thinking that the moonstone additions would make a lovely necklace. We shall see.
Beyond the Valley Studio Tour – May 25 & 26 – Saturday and Sunday 10 t0 5
Follow us on Twitter – @BTVStudioTour

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New Images Have Arrived-check the Gallery

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My gallery has new images photographed by Greg Fess of Fess Photography in Waterloo. He has done images of my work right from the beginning and they have always been superb. Good photography is essential and altho some think that professional work is too costly, and prefer to do their own, I have found that professional work always pays. The quality of a piece is evident if an image is well done. It is always attractive and stands up to scrutiny.
Beyond the Valley Studio Tour – May 25 & 25 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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