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Back from Copenhagen and Rome……

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After a wonderful week away in Copenhagen, (where I visited my niece who is attending university there), and Rome, I am back home but where is Spring? Copenhagen was cool and wet whereas Rome was sunny and warm…..and then home to this. Altho today feels positively balmy compared to what it has been….and we did see our first Robin.
In Copenhagen which is a city of bicycles, the locals are quite hardy. Altho it was raining, very few umbrellas in sight. There were some bicycles with carts in front and these were used to transport children and whatever else needed transport. It is very expensive in Copenhagen and I wondered at the price of small open faced sandwiches that ranged from $4 to $7 and up. Very delicious I must say and obviously appreciated by the Danes who would buy 4 plus for a lunch. I guess if you factor in that car ownership is not a part of everyone’s life, then perhaps, there is more money to spend on such things as food.
It was interesting to see elderly ladies walking around in very old fur coats. My niece took us to a restaurant that featured taxidermy in a different way….Animal heads on dressed mannequins. So a fox head on a mannequin dressed as a soldier or a bull’s head on another mannequin…rather eerie. The lighting over the tables consisted of hanging plastic doll’s heads that had light bulbs inside. Anybody who knows me well, knows that I hate dolls and always have. I consider them creepy.
But the food was delicious as was the coffee. If I could have the same coffee here, I would always drink it black. The time there was too short…..some wonderful amber available. I missed my niece as soon as we left.
Then on to Rome where we stayed in an apartment that was 3 flights to the door of the apartment (steel door with 5 deadbolts) and then there was another flight to the main floor of the apartment. The sleeping quarters for my daughter and grandson were yet another flight of stairs up. This place was absolutely ideal as it was within walking distance of so many places. We walked to St. Peter’s Basilica, to the Colisseum and the forum…our guide there was “hot” as my daughter would say. The weather was perfect as were most of the meals. One meal at Pierluigi was our most expensive and probably the least appreciated. Our waiter upsold us on carpaccio of tuna, salmon along with tuna tarter and shrimp. This alone totaled about a 100 euros. The pasta was way underdone….I do not call crunchy a dente. And my daughter asked for a replacement glass of wine as hers had a fly in it which was done quickly but it was not the same wine…..Anyway the rest of our dining experiences were great. But I would not recommend Pierluigi to you.
We would go to a small cafe around the corner from our apartment and have cappucino, latte and juice, every morning. This was great as it was a local establishment and we were soon treated like locals. I do miss this experience. We went to the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps, had gelato everyday (this was research) and had a great time….but I am glad to be home.
Our brochures for the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour are ready and will be distributed next month. It is coming fast May 24th and 25th.

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Spring is Coming!

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arizona turquoise, 003My Spring Open House is now a very pleasant memory. Thank you to everyone who came out…..it was a bitterly cold week end.
But Spring is coming and I have found some Arizona turquoise. American turquoise is becoming increasingly difficult to find….so I am very pleased. As you can see, it is a lovely colour similar to Sleeping Beauty Turquoise which is one of my favourites. These pieces will be reborn as a bracelet and a pair of earrings. So even though my spring open house is over, I am now planning for the Beyond the Valley Studio tour which is coming up May 24 and 25. My guest is painter Eric Ranveau who hails from France. His work is very exciting and i am very pleased that he is part of the studio tour this year.
I am off on a short holiday with my daughter and grandson. My dear husband will be painting my studio whilst I am away. And I am excited also about what I may find during my travels….some wonderful stones and silver to work with….perhaps!

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Today is the day – Welcome to my Spring Open House!

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Spring Open House 2014 New Work #5 004

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