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2015 – Another Year – What will it bring?

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It is hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the month of January 2015.  And it has been so long since I posted, which now was last year.

2014 ended well.  My Christmas sale was a great success. On the Saturday we were never without someone in the showroom so that was very gratifying and of course many pieces went to new homes.  Thank you to everyone who came to my Christmas Open House.

And altho the year ended well, it was a difficult one.  My mother passed away and her funeral was just a few days before the Beyond the Valley Spring Tour.  It was a very emotional time for us at Christmas, as this was one of her favourite and important times of year.  It was very sad for us that  she was not there to share it. Our family has a traditional Christmas Eve dinner of 12 meatless dishes such as 3 kinds of pyrogies, cabbage rolls, borscht, salads, white fish, herring, vegetables, kutya (poppyseed with a grain and honey).  It was told to us that kutya was thrown at the ceiling in the Ukraine.  If a lot stuck to the ceiling then it would be a good year.  Needless to say, we did not do that.  And it amazed me that it took so many of us to get this dinner together.  Everyone participated in someway, whether it was coming with a dish or cleaning up.  My mother hosted her last Christmas Eve meal at the age of 84 and prepared everything from scratch. Then she moved to an apt. and we took over under her supervision.

A few days before Christmas, 6 of us went to NYC.  My brother and his family have been doing this for several years.  This year my husband and I joined them.  What a great 3 days!  The Christmas markets were lots of fun – one at Union Station and a large outdoor one at Central Park.  Many beautiful things for sale altho there was not a lot of hand made pieces.  Nevertheless still worth going to.  We went to a food emporium/restaurant called “Eatily”.  This was terrific.  We had wine and charcuterie as well as stopping in for breakfast coffee and buns.  The time seemed to fly by and then we were home getting ready for our own Christmas celebrations.

Now I am looking at getting ready for my Spring Open House which will be a different type of event this year.  It will be one day only!  I will provide some details later as I have to finalize some of my plans.

The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour group has had its initial planning meeting for the May Spring Studio Tour.  We will be 6 studios this time.

I have found some wonderful tanzanite and kyanite.  I will provide a picture with my next post….But there is good chance that finished pieces won’t be available until the May Studio tour.

As well, I have completed my first rosary for a client.  This was a new experience for me.  Research showed that there are many types of Rosaries with different numbers of beads in different arrangements……Catholic, Anglican to name two.  And young people are wearing them as necklaces which is novel and needless to say beautiful.  And Rosaries can consist of  stainless steel beads, leather strapping, different stones such as quartz, onyx, tiger eye, and so on.

Have a great January.

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