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Tomorrow – The Tour is On!

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Tomorrow promises to be a sunny day but cool.  And at 10 a.m our doors open for the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour.

My guest, Eric Ranveau, is setting up his wonderful paintings – an exciting collection of work.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing my new work.  The pearl pendant that was pictured in the last post, has sold, but will be here for you to see.  I plan to do a series of these pendants, each one of  a kind but with different shaped pearls, and aquamarine.  This series is called Dark Seas and when you view the pendant you will see why I chose that name.

The Swiss Topaz piece has also sold but  another necklace with a similar stone is available but on a chain.  A different look but still that fabulous colour!

There is a large collection of earrings available and my prices range from $16. to $200.

Some new stones as well – the Swiss Topaz, phosphosderite, morganite, and tanzanite.

Do join us!

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You Know I love Pearls…..

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And I am not alone…….

This my design for a pearl pendant.  And I am very excited about it.  The image is a large baroque pearl.  The pearl is claw set on sterling silver which  measures approx. 25 cm. across the top and 50 cm. along the sides. The background is oxidized silver with sharp polished edges.  I think that it is spectacular.

Heidi Schnabel who has a studio on Hatt street fabricated this piece.  I think that it has been a wonderful collaboration.

You will see it at the studio tour.  Do join us.DSCF0036

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Swiss Topaz – spectacular

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The image shows a simple necklace made with sterling silver cylinders and a fabulous Swiss Topaz in a faceted tear shape.  I have several of these gorgeous stones but for this studio tour have just used one in a necklace.  To complement the colour of the topaz, I have used Swarovski crystals. I have to stay that my often inept photography does not do it justice.sDSCF0034

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Beyond the Valley Studio Tour – Saturday & Sunday, May 23 & 24, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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in DUNDAS, Ontario

Saturday & Sunday
10 to 5
Free Admission
13 Artists in 6 Studios!! (go to my Home page and click on tour link at the right for map and details.)
My guest is visual artist Eric Ranveau. His paintings are fabulous!

Perhaps our Beverley Sills irises will be blooming!

flowers pearls etc 002Receive – $1 for every $10 spent (before taxes). Can be used like cash at any of the studios Saturday & Sunday of the spring tour.

My Studio is at

67 Creighton Road,


Call 905-628-8571 for information.

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Beyond the Valley Studio Tour – just a few days away!!

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I have just come back from Tobermory – a day early.  It was so cold there and it rained all day Friday.  The weather is truly amazing and varied.  One Victoria Day week end, we were in our shorts and taking a boat cruise to Flowerpot island.  The following year, we were in winter gear with hats, gloves scarves etc.  This year, for some reason, I went unprepared and found it just too uncomfortable.  Altho today, I was given to understand, is sunny and warmer.  It still worked out for me as I now found myself with an extra day to prepare for the studio tour on Saturday.  I am, of course doing my usual, which results in last minute panicville.

Eric Ranveau is my guest again and he has a great website which shows the diversity of his work.  I am looking forward to seeing his new work as I am sure, are many others.

I will give you a sneak preview of one of my necklaces – it is a 3 strand with Arizona turquoise, aquamarine nuggets and clear quartz.  My inspiration for this was the necklace that Kate Blanchett wore to the Oscars.  It was a bib necklace,  also of turquoise, aquamarine but rather than quartz, diamonds were used.  Designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof of Tiffany Co.  It is valued at $400,000.  My design and my stones are much more modest – very, very, very modest compared to the spectacular Tiffany piece. I think that  “very” could go on indefinitely.DSCF0006

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