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Carnegie Art Gallery Small Works Exhibit – in Dundas

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DSCF001010 King Street. W., Dundas, Ontario
Opening Reception Nov. 28 at 2 p.m.

Open Sundays in December from 1 to 4
Open every Monday in December starting Dec. 7th

(my jewellery is available for sale)


Free parking in parking lots every Saturday and Sunday.

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WOW! a fabulous studio tour…….

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It was a fabulous studio tour!  We were swamped Saturday with many visitors – and many, many new faces.  What a pleasure to talk to all these people who took the time to come to my home/studio.  Thank you everyone.

I had 5 pieces of my new work and I am happy to say that 3 sold.  It was very exciting.  And now I have already started on pieces for my Christmas Open House which is December 4th and 5th (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.) – a Friday and Saturday. There should be at least 5 and I will post pictures as each piece is completed.

As well there are already and will be more pieces at the Small Works exhibit at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas,  which runs November and December.

I have now had a good rest and am ready to start the designing and creating of jewellery for my Christmas Open House. It is times like this that I wish I had an extra pair of hands.  My brain is usually a buzzing with ideas and I find that I can’t get everything done that I had hoped to do.  But it is what it is, I suppose.

And a thank you to all my friends who helped me during this studio tour.  It is always fun and I really appreciate everyone’s involvement……



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Beyond the Valley Studio Tour – Two Days Away…….and the work continues…….

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I am up late these nights working on designs that are filling my head.  It is at this point that I wish that the tour was next week end.  Then I think that I could get everything that I wanted to do, done.  But then knowing my temperament…..perhaps not!! Some things never change,

The picture is of a large mauvey/taupe freshwater pearl pendant.  Set with sterling silver that has been oxidized and on a sterling chain.  I also have a pair of cultured pearl earrings.  I have discovered a supplier ofDSCF0010 pearls who is located in Toronto.  Amazing pearls.

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Obsidian Pendant – at the Studio Tour – this Saturday & Sunday – 10 to 5

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Another piece in the series of my new work is this large Obsidian pendant.  It is quite extraordinary.  Obsidian is natural and referred to as volcanic glass.  Clear varieties have no inclusions or impurities. This clear Obsidian is domed over a base which is a rock formation.  This pendant is hand set in sterling silver.  On display this week end.DSCF0001DSCF0004

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The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is just a few days away!!

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I am busily working with pearls which as many know, I love.  Freshwater pearls are very affordable and come in many shapes and sizes and colours- eccentric creations of nature and man.

I have 2 necklaces  made up of stick pearls in a soft peach colour.  I have designed one necklace using a large taupe pearl as a focal with tanzanite details.  The one pictured has smoky quartz as accompaniments.DSCF0004

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Happy Thanksgiving Monday!

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We had our dinner yesterday and it is the first time in 27 years that I had not prepared it.  I must say, I am truly thankful for that. It is nice to relax today altho not really as I am still working on pieces for our Studio tour which .is this Saturday and Sunday

I will have at least 3 new pendants that I have designed.  I am very excited by these pieces.  Executed by Heidi Schnabel, I think that they are outstanding.  Heidi does meticulous work and I am very pleased to be collaborating with her on my designs.

More pictures tomorrow.  Below is a very large sterling pendant, with an unusual baroque freshwater pearl, offset by a 3 carat aquamarine oval that  is bezel set.  The aqua has a matte finish.  The bottom piece is a shiny piece of silver.  This will be available during the studio tour.  DSCF0003

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And it is a Happy Thanksgiving for me too.  I usually prepare Thanksgiving dinner for our family and friends – with a lot of help as everyone brings a dish to add to our feast. I always roast  the turkey and make the stuffing and gravy.  And we have grown from a small family to 23 people.  But this year, and as my mother would say, thanks be to God, I am not going to do that.  I just have to enjoy it and not even worry about the clean up.  With the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour this coming  week end, this is definitely a bonus.  The gift of Time – immeasurable!

Pendants and pendant style necklaces are very much in fashion for this fall and winter.  I have an excellent selection which includes amethyst, ametrine, smoky quartz, aquamarine, pearl, clear quartz and much more. Some are quite large.  And there is an interesting green amber piece that is very attractive.  So lots to see! Oct 17 & 18th.DSCF0013DSCF0011

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What is October bringing……..

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THE BEYOND THE VALLEY STUDIO TOUR!    OCTOBER 17th & 18th    from 10 a.m to 5 p.m.

But first there is Thanksgiving!  We are all looking forward to turkey and the trimmings.  Although I have to mention that some of my family do not like turkey.  Can you believe it?  We usually have about 22 family members around our table.  A joy to have everyone together.

And then, there is our fall studio tour.  I know that Eric Ranveau, my guest has been painting diligently so that he will have new work. He recently participated in Nancy Henley’s Open House at her Tree House Kitchen.  We attended and it was certainly a very successful event for Nancy and for Eric who saw a number of his paintings go to a new home.

And I have been working diligently and will also have new work.  There will be 3 pendants available from my new line.  Not quite finished yet, but soon.   I am very excited about them.  And yesterday I found some new pearls in natural shades of cream, peach and mauvy taupe.  Do come out and see how they will be transformed. Pictures coming soon.


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