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Merry Christmas (if you follow the Gregorian Calendar) & Happy New Year

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Today is Christmas Day – January 7th according to the Gregorian Calendar.  My family used to honour this date as well as December 25th.  It was a boon for the children in the family as they received Christmas presents both times.  Now it is just a time to go to church and honour an old tradition.

My family and I were in NYC for 4 days prior to Christmas.  It was a lot of fun with great food, great sights to see and of course shopping.  We went to the Frick Museum and the Met where there was a great exhibit of couturier fashions owned by Countess de Ribes.  This was an exhibition of true style as any of the outfits dating back to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s could be worn today and proudly.  Just beautiful!

We had dinner at John Dory which was a special event and hosted in the kitchen.  The seafood was excellent, as were the staff and it was a lot of fun watching the kitchen in operation.

We also had dinner at Keen’s Steakhouse.  Our second year there but not a great event this time.  The steaks were excellent but I can’t say the same for the service.  Our waiter was very rushed, dripped red wine on my husband’s shirt sleeve.  No explanation of what was on offer or how we could or should order.  The sides were meant to be shared, unfortunately we ordered way too much.  This was sad as it was a great waste of food.  I don’t recall this problem last time which I must say was over a year ago.  It stated on the menu that if the diners were a party of 8 or more, the tip was included.  We were 10.  Two of us split the bill and the waiter wanted to know where he should apply the tip.  I reminded him that the tip was included.  Not a happy way to end our visit.

On a happier note, DSCF0008there was also an opportunity to purchase pearls and silver.  I am looking forward to working with these pieces and there will be some for my spring Studio Sale coming up on Saturday March 5th – one day only!





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