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Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is in a few days!!!

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Colour will be present.  Yellow agate with Czech glass.  This necklace can be worn several ways.  Wired together with sterling silver and with a sterling clasp.  The clasp can be worn as a decorative element.DSCF0018

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New Sterling Silver Pendants

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There will be several new pendants in this spring collection as I continue work in this line.  Pictured is an oxidized piece set with an oval mabe pearl and a London Blue topaz.

Aquamarine is also a feature this spring.  I was able to find some lovely blue stones.  So expect to see bracelets, earrings and necklaces.  Pictured are 2 necklaces set with sterling silver.  Simple yet elegant.  The larger stone has cylinders of sterling silver interspersed with brushed sterling silver beads.  The smaller one has clear quartz.DSCF0025

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New Images….

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There are some new images on my gallery page.  I have been designing sterling silver pendants with pearls, and gem quality stones.

The Beyond the Valley Studio Tour is on May 28th and 29th….so coming fast.  We have 8 studios this year with the addition of Hugh Widdup who is a woodturner and Sandra Greenwood, a lamp work artist.  Both are in the town of Dundas and, in fact, just a block or so away from each other.

Pictured is lavender chalcedony and blue chalcedony – beautiful stones that are part of sterling silver necklaces – as nuggets and faceted stones.  Ametrine and moonstone are also part of the designDSCF0020

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