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April 10, 2010 | Filed under: Amber

Everyone should have a piece of amber in their jewellery collection, even men. There are wonderfully designed rings and bracelets that men could wear.

Amber, altho considered a gemstone and used for thousands of years in jewellery (in Egypt and Crete, for example), is actually organic and is a tree resin which has become fossilized over millions of years.

Amber can develop an electric charge when rubbed so our word for “Electricity” comes from the Greek word for Amber which is “Electron”.

Most of us think that Amber is one colour, but there are actually many variations in colour-and it can be clear or opaque and may even have bits of fossilized plant or insect material in it.

Depending on the book that is read (one source says that there are over 250 colours), Amber varies in colour from yellow to brown or reddish brown. It can be green, blue, or have no colour. Butterscotch or buttercup Amber (an opaque yellow) and Cherry Amber (a reddish more transparent colour) are common terms and easily recognizable.

Baltic Amber is considered some of the best, but Amber from the Dominican Republic (a more recent find) is also considered desirable.
Amber has been found in Brazil as well. So now there are many sources including Britain, Russia, Romania, etc.

As with many gemstones, it pays to know your jeweller or supplier. Amber pieces can be reconstructed from amber bits-still true amber and still looks lovely-but you should know. Price is always a factor with amber. If it is very inexpensive, then it is likely reconstructed.

A few facts:-Amber is the lightest of weight of all gems; it is the only gem which is warm and feels good to the touch; Amber is the stone for the 10th wedding anniversary.

Amber is considered to have many attributes that help with health. It is considered a powerful healer; can alleviate stress;can create a comfortable feeling of warmth, health and well-being in the wearer. I know of one individual who upon waking, put on an Amber necklace for some of these reasons. Do research the powerful effects that Amber can have upon your health. I have just touched on a few.

Amber has been traditionally paired with silver in jewellery. In my inventory, I have Baltic, Dominican Republic, Brazilian and Russian Amber. Even some reconstructed pieces which I always identify.
If you look at my Gallery, the necklace with one large piece of Red Coral is finished with Dominican Amber. This Amber has a delicious reddish colour that complements the Coral. It has a new owner now, I am pleased to say.

At the BEYOND THE VALLEY STUDIO TOUR at the end of MAY, I will have a number of pieces in Amber.

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