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March 11, 2009 | Filed under: amethyst

Amethysts have become well known and popular stones in various shades of purple and lavender. These colours, once reserved for royalty or very old people in the case of dark purple (in the 50’s to 70’s), are now fashion forward shades and a highlight of the current and past few seasons. I have always loved purple and remember as a young girl looking for clothing in that colour. Difficult to find but now this colour is part of the fashion world.

Amethyst comes in many grades or quality of stone. Some of the finest is found in Russia. When you take a close look at a fine Russian stone, you can see red winking back. Just gorgeous!
It is also found in Canada and Brazil as well as a number of other countries. Its variety of colour depends on the combination of trace amounts of iron and aluminum, as well as natural or applied irradiation. One of the very nice things about amethyst is that not only is it beautiful but since it comes in many grades, it is very affordable.

This stone along with turquoise has been used for thousands of years. Neolithic people used it as early as 25,000 B.C. Quite remarkable isn’t it?

In terms of jewellery, amethyst in gem quality, (the stone for February) was frequently found set in rings. Now there are all kinds of shapes in different grades available, and amethysts are used for necklaces and bracelets as well. I always have a number of pieces in my collection and on my gallery page you will see a necklace with black ovals, onyx and 2 shades of amethyst as well as goldtone vintage chanel beads. This is the last piece of this particular line using gold tone chanel beads.

It was said that one of the attributes of amethyst was that it prevented drunkenness. I wouldn’t rely on this.
Another was that wearing it relieved physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress. It can calm and clear the mind. It is always fascinating to read about the different attributes of stones. There are many publications available and the information is quite comprehensive.

Just as black is a staple of fashion and jewellery, amethyst can be as well. It works well with a number of colours and even a hint of purple can give a piece some pizzazz. You might own a piece of amethyst drusy which is the crystalline form often found in gift shops and used as decorative pieces. But a piece of amethyst jewellery-now that is the thing!!

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