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February 10, 2009 | Filed under: jade

Jade is going to be a very popular stone this season.  Most people think of Jade as being only green but it actually comes in a variety of colours, naturally or through enhancement. And because it does, jewellery with jade will complement anyone’s spring or summer wardrobe beautifully.

Jade comes in 2 forms-nephrite which can be creamy white and in shades of green, and Jadeite, which is much more valuable and occurs naturally in colours, such as green, lavender, yellow, reddish brown, and red (natural red is extremely rare).   On my Gallery page, you will see natural lavender Jade earrings and a bracelet.  The jade stones in these 2 pieces have not been enhanced and the colour is just so beautiful and very subtle. 

To achieve more intense and consistent colour,  jade can be dyed or heat treated.  This allows for beautiful shades which are more affordable than naturally occurring colours. 

Jade is thought to bring happiness and fortune.  Specific colours are said to have their own attributes, for example, lavender jade alleviates emotional hurt and bestows inner peace.

Jade is also the official gemstone of British Columbia and Alaska.

I will have a number of pieces available in jade in different colours at my Spring Open House in March.

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