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February 16, 2009 | Filed under: turquoise

Turquoise is a stone that is best known for its blue, somewhat like a deep Robin’s egg colour. Some of the best quality in this colour is known as Sleeping Beauty. It has no matrix (veining and marks throughout the stone) and can be thousands of dollars for premium strands. But there are also many other shades and variations of turquoise which are exciting and interesting to see and in a good range of prices. Iron ore near rough turquoise in mines results in green tones, and the presence of copper results in blue.

It has been used for centuries, even thousands of years ago, for jewellery, amulets and accessories. It is considered one of the longest-used gemstones with beads found dating back 5000 years.

A fairly soft stone, it is enhanced and stablized to retain and enrich its colour and harden it to prevent crumbling. Untreated turquoise is a fragile and porous stone which can undergo changes in colour. Treat turqoise like you would your pearls-no cosmetics near it and the last item to be put on.
Turquoise is the national stone of Iran. It gets its name from traders who brought the stones from Persia (modern Iran) via Turkey centuries ago. The best quality turquoise comes from Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, and the southwestern U.S. Native Americans are well known for their beautiful creations and that jewellery is particularly prized.

This fine stone is available in many shades, shapes and sizes, I am happy to say. It is often associated with spring and summer fashions but it does work all year. I love turquoise and always have a number of pieces available. My gallery has two necklaces in turquoise. One is apple green turquoise from Arizona with an outstanding turquoise focal piece. The other is the more traditional blue (from China) colour focal piece with black obsidian pieces. Not too long ago I purchased a beautiful strand of vintage American turquoise which I have been using sparingly in earrings and bracelets. I think that now it is time to create a larger piece. In my spring collection you will see quite a number of pieces of turquoise jewellery in a good range of styles and prices. It will be fun.

Some more interesting information about turquoise-considered a protective stone and has been therefore used for amulets, enhances intuition, dispels negative energy, instills inner calm, an aid in communication, beneficial to overall being and soundness of one’s mood and emotions. There is much more…..

Now don’t you think that everyone should have a piece of turquoise jewellery?

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