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April 11, 2008 | Filed under: Uncategorized

It is interesting for me to review my designs. Sometimes a necklace or bracelet that looks to be a relatively simple design can take hours. The lava rock necklace is a case in point. I might start with a sketch as an idea surfaces, but then, in the working of the piece I often change my ideas as I go. This necklace took approximately 5 hours plus to finish. Sometimes I think of myself as a problem solver-here are the stones-here are the embellishments-now to make it look alluring!!  The necklace pictured consists of a 20 mm sterling silver focal bead bookended by bali sterling and glass cylinders.  All the metal is sterling silver.  It is a simple design that yet has a dramatic impact.  And as its owner has said “The picture does not do it justice.”


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