Beyond the Valley Studio Tour…..the day after tomorrow…..Saturday, Oct. 15 & Sunday, Oct. 16…..10 a.m. to 5 p.m

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It is crunch time as the studio tour is the day after tomorrow. And am I ready…..well, never!!There is always something that I wish I had completed but working up to the last minute seems to be what I do.

We had excellent Thanksgiving weather and were able to have our dinner outdoors. Turkey leftovers for a few days but that is a good thing as there is no cooking on my part. Altho the turkey that was left was a bit skimpy. We had a 22 pound bird, also ham, for 20 people. Let me say that it was a hungry crowd!

And now back to the tour. Our group was very fortunate to have The Spectator publish a lengthy article about us in the Go Section…actually made the front page of that section. It featured Paull Rodrigue our glass, artist; Scott Barnim, a potter and one of the founding members of this tour; and Michelle Prosek another glass artist. And I am happy to say that I was mentioned, a there was a picture of one of my pieces. I knew that the article was coming, but was surprised to get a phone call yesterday about sending in some images of my work. Which I did promptly, need I say. It was a very well written article. Our studio tour is in its 29th year. Celebration next year.

And now….. it is back to work for me.

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